How to study for international students

The University of Islamic Denominations grants scholarship for foreign students with below conditions;

Dear applicant;

Please pay attention to the following facts while you are applying for the University of Islamic Denominations (UID- hereafter):

Part 1

  1. The UID is a university of Humanities meaning that it only offers restricted fields in Humanities and Islamic Sciences.
  2. The Available fields are:

-        Qur’anic sciences & Hadith

-        History of Islam

-        Comparative Fiqh and Islamic private law

-        Comparative Fiqh and Islamic public law

-        Comparative Fiqh and Islamic penal law

  1. The UID grants foreign students;
  2. Free education in M.A and PH.D in the above mentioned fields.
  3. Free dormitory for admitted students.
  4. Free meals for foreign students.
  5. The university provides admitted students by medical insurance – as students get their insurance once a year, if they come Iran before or after October /Mehr in solar calendar- they won't receive their insurance until next October.

Part 2

The university expects you to

  1. Certify your educational documents and your official academic transcript in Iranian embassy in your home/residential country,
  2. follow guidelines given by the UID

Part 3

Should also be noted that:

  1. Flight expenses are up to students themselves.
  2. The admitted students should deliver the original educational documents and embassy certification -mentioned above- to the university on registering date.
  3. The admission will be canceled in case of failure in submitting of the certifications and documents.

For Applying you may contact us in Whatsapp or by Email.

Whatsapp Number: +989122086524


Address: No.3,Ravanmehr St, Southern Palestine St, Enghelab Ave, Tehran, Iran

Website: click here

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