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Central Library of the university

Libraries has been of specific importance in knowledge Centres through the history and beside every scientific complex a library has been established and today also libraries enrichment is one of the most important indicators for the evaluation of knowledge centres. Central Library of the University of Islamic denominations like the other University libraries has established to overcome the needs of students and instructors in a specialised branches of the university and with the perspective of creating a specialised library in the fields of Islamic denominations and proximity studies.This Library has been established in 1373 with purchase books and gifted books from prominent characters like ayatollah Hakim,ayatollah Vaezzadeh,Dr Jafar shahidi, Dr sadegh Ayeenehvand, doctor Biazar, and in 1396 was named as the established of the university ayatollah Vaezzadeh Khorasani. By increasing of purchased books from 1377 for improving the quantitative and qualitative level of activities the plan of providing computer systems considered to be done. Preparing Under DOS software called Azarakhshwas an important step toward machanization of library services. in1378 this software perform the process of deposit books automatically and from this year by managing the library buy a a specialised librarian and for standardising the resources ranking plan of Congress LC performed and after one year compact activity the library is started to work.

Now Central Library has got resource trusteeship part and publications listing digitalisation of sources reference port and study salon and as storage for preparation and keeping the purchase books.

Institutional construction
Central library and the libraries of university branches from institutional construction is under the deputy of research and IT and determined under the general office of publications library and document Centre. Having about 1000 m2 patient from constructive viewpoint is composed of technical services support electronic sources performing technical sources such as old printed and not printed guidance and teaching the members how to marketing and how to use information sources.


Library parts

1-public services and trusteeship parts

This part is a place to deposit printed sources to the user. People after registering the membership by obeying the regulations use the trusteeship part. Applying and registering of deposit books is done by computer and the members can be informed by library website. They. Have booked deposit for all members is 15 days the number of deposit books for bachelor is four,for Masters 6 books and for doctor 8 books.Members of scientific department 8 books and a staff four books. Delaying to return back the books has got financial punishment for each day.


2-listing part

This part repairs book identification and ranking the book for simple availability. Organisation classification and listing Persian and non Persian books is done by LC method.


3-the study salon and reference
These two part is located in one salon. The reference books is not deposited and it is applicable only in this salon. Encyclopaedia, guidance books, dictionaries is counted as reference books.


4-electronic sources and IT
Collecting and serving databases in different fields of Sciences and Direct contact with databases teach exploration in jeans and databases to members is of duties of this part which is not completely operating yet.

Statistics of existing sources

A-printed sources
Now Central Library has got 31800 Titan book composed of topics like Islamic sciences 19400 title, principles of Sunni jurisprudence250 title, principles of Imami jurisprudence260 title, Sunni jurisprudence 550 title, Imami jurisprudence 620 title.
The library of Sanandaj branch has got 3225 title, zahedan 1848 title, and bandar Abbas 824 title in Arabic Persian and Latin.


B-electronic sources
From 1394 electronic library of the university I started to work and within this time 2963 version of the jurisprudence of Islamic denominations is prepared and enclosed. also 622 version of electronic books of quranic Sciences and hadith and 270 version of religions book is ready to be uploaded. Also the capacity of electronic books of the library is about 2 terabytes.


Existing facilities of library
12 computer, 1 printer, 1 scanner, telephone, one side bookshelf 246, two side bookshelf 42, study tables 7, newspaper table 1, one person study table 10, two person table 1,


Library software
Central Library by using Parsazarakhsh software has become able to join all libraries of university branches together. Every member can reserve and extend the documents and can see the history of exploration and the research efforts in his personal page. also there is the potential of downloading electronic sources for all members.


Membership method in library
Membership is done by entering into the library system with this address http://library.Mazaheb.Ac.Ir and registration of information is done. by entering into registration part you should fill out the required ID. librarian after reviewing the information will confirm their membership.


Work time of Central Library
From Saturday to Wednesday 7/30 to 18
Thursday 8 to 16
Contact with us
NO.3, Ravanmehr st, Southern Palestine st, Enghelab Ave, Tehran, Iran; P.O.Box 1315895911
Fax: 66461838
Tel: 66465252
Domestic numbers of library
Trusteeship part 208
Library manager 207
Website address:

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