Information Technology

The Purposes Of IT Office

-Informatics Integration of the university
-Creation of an integrated data center for the university
-Presentation of IT services to the users by confirming required software and hardware systems
-Presentation of IT strategy for the university
-Presentation of IT standards

Duties Of IT Center And Virtual Space Of The University

1-Management of computer networks for faculties and university and providing relation among them
2-Equping and updating informatics systems for university such as comprehensive digital system for the library, comprehensive educational system for the university, administrative and financial system for the university, administrative automation system and etc.
3-Hardware and software support of university systems
4-Creation the availability to valid scientific magazines and electronic data centers
5-Responsibility of cyber relations and data affairs of the university
6-Performance of research plans of IT especially in security, integration and dependence of network software
7-Performance and Communique of announced policies from IT policy making council of the university
8-Supervision over IT standards performance in the university






Roohollah Jamshidi IT Manager 712
Saeed Madani Software Advisor 713
Nader Samsami Software Advisor 510
Hamze Akbari Software Advisor 510

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