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  • Message of condolence from Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini following the death of "Mulla Qader Beizavi", the respected Sunni Jome Imam of Urmia
  • Chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations in a message condemning the terrorist attack on Kabul University: It is time for the Islamic Ummah to express their innocence and disgust with this kind of fratricide
  • Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hosseini in the Introduction Ceremony: We must make every effort to achieve high academic rankings at the University of Islamic Denominations worldwide
  • Dr. Shahriari at the Introduction Ceremony of the New Chancellor of the University: At the University of Islamic Denominations, we must train forces that are resistant to arrogance and claim the oppressed
  • Appointment of "Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hosseini" as the new chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations

Chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations: Imam Khomeini's movement was a hope for the salvation of the Islamic Ummah from the perspective of Martyr Sadr/Martyr Sadr was a preacher of unity in the true sense of the word

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A note from Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari, Chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations and Professor of Lessons in Jurisprudence and Principles of the Qom Practical Field on the Occasion of Farvardin 19, the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Baqir Sadr

You can read a part of this note below:

Martyr Sadr had a multidimensional personality, he was not an individual, but by polishing himself, he was the mirror of the school of salvation of the pure Islam of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Denomination of the Ahl al-Bayt of the Messenger of God (peace be upon him).Martyr Sadr's sincerity and loyalty arose from pure monotheism and her love for the merciful Lord, and this uniformity had given his a special purity.

One of his immortal sentences was:
"O my fathers and forefathers nation, I emphasize that I am with you and will be with you until the end, and I will not abandon you in your troubles, and I will soon sacrifice my blood for the sake of your deliverance from God."It can be said that the struggles of the martyr Seyyed Mohammad Baqir Sadr were influenced by the Islamic Revolution in Iran before and after the victory and character of Imam Ruhollah Khomeini during his presence in Najaf and after that until the victory of the Islamic Revolution; and these struggles are one of the main reasons for martyrdom.Imam Khomeini introduced Martyr Sadr as an Islamic thinker and elite.
Martyr Seyyed Mohammad Baqir Sadr was one of the preachers of Islamic unity. Like other Islamic reformers and thinkers, he suffered from the deplorable and turbulent situation of Islamic societies and the unfortunate differences between Muslims, and was thinking of reforming the Islamic world.One of the moral characteristics of the great Ayatollah Sadr was respect for the opinions and theories of other scholars.
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