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  • Message of condolence from Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini following the death of "Mulla Qader Beizavi", the respected Sunni Jome Imam of Urmia
  • Chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations in a message condemning the terrorist attack on Kabul University: It is time for the Islamic Ummah to express their innocence and disgust with this kind of fratricide
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  • Dr. Shahriari at the Introduction Ceremony of the New Chancellor of the University: At the University of Islamic Denominations, we must train forces that are resistant to arrogance and claim the oppressed
  • Appointment of "Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hosseini" as the new chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations

Islamic Denominations University condemns killing of defenseless Hindus by Hindus in India / Dr Mukhtari: Indian Muslims kill, US President's recent souvenir trip to India

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We call for the peaceful coexistence of followers of religions and Denominations around the world

What has happened in New Delhi today is a clear symbol of extremism

Combating extremism and violence using scientific methods in academia is a principle

The Islamic Denominations University, while condemning the killing of India's oppressed and defenseless Muslims, called for the end of these atrocities and the silence of the Indian government and the positioning of international institutions and assemblies in India.In recent days, dozens have been killed and injured in the wake of extremist Hindu attacks on Muslims in the Muslim-populated neighborhoods of northern India."We condemn this crime by extremist groups everywhere, especially the oppressed and innocent Muslims in India," he said, noting that the University of Islamic Denominations opposes any kind of extremism with its inherent mission."We seek unity between religions, schools and Denominations and call for their peaceful coexistence throughout the world, and emphasize the life of peace and compassion and any violence and extremism based on the revelations of Islam and the Qur'an," said the head of the Islamic Denominations University. We condemn Gray as interfaithDenomination or religious.Dr Mokhtari, pointing to what is happening in New Delhi today, is a symbol of extremism. He said: "Today, this act is being carried out by extremist Hindus in the shadow of the indifference and support of the Indian government and we expect the international community to respond to these crimes." And break their silence and prevent these inhumane acts.

He emphasized: "Extremism and violence are condemned by anyone with any religion, idea, school, or attitude, whether within the set of Islamic Denominations or outside Islam and among religious trends, and the fight against extremism and violence is condemned by anyone." The way in which we use science, especially in academic settings, is a principle for us.
 The head of the Islamic Denominations University pointed to the recent visit of the US president to India and the increasing pressure of the Indian government on the Muslims in the region, saying that these disgraceful actions are a consequence of this trip and a sign of US pressure on the Indian government and the new global arrogance conspiracy in the region. Because Americans leave their mark everywhere, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen or the Indian Peninsula, ... their souvenirs are violence and insecurity, promoting extremism and advocating the uprising and killing of innocent people and inhumane acts.

At the end, Dr. Mokhtari called on the scholars, elites, nations and Islamic governments to be vigilant and to take a stand against this sedition and put an end to the killing of the oppressed Muslims in India.


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