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  • Message of condolence from Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini following the death of "Mulla Qader Beizavi", the respected Sunni Jome Imam of Urmia
  • Chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations in a message condemning the terrorist attack on Kabul University: It is time for the Islamic Ummah to express their innocence and disgust with this kind of fratricide
  • Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hosseini in the Introduction Ceremony: We must make every effort to achieve high academic rankings at the University of Islamic Denominations worldwide
  • Dr. Shahriari at the Introduction Ceremony of the New Chancellor of the University: At the University of Islamic Denominations, we must train forces that are resistant to arrogance and claim the oppressed
  • Appointment of "Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hosseini" as the new chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations
Islamic Mazaheb University
Signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the University of Islamic Denominations and Arab nation league - 02-Sep-2019
  Arab Nation league:This university is from the Arab nation that it deals with Social, Cultural, Developmental, Human Rights, Cultural Heritage, Youth and Palestinian Affairs.Its activities ext...
Islamic Mazaheb University
The presence of a delegation of Lebanese university professors at the university of Islamic Denominations - 04-Sep-2019
 A delegation of university presidents and professors from Lebanon attended a meeting with university officials while attending At the meeting, Dr. Fayyazi, Deputy Director of Management and Reso...
Islamic Mazaheb University
Chancellor of Islamic Denominations University meets with Head of Endowments and Tombs of Punjab Pakistan - 15-Sep-2019
Dr. Mokhtari, Chancellor of Islamic Denominations University, during his visit to Pakistan, met with Dr. Taher Bukhari, Head of Endowments and Tombs of Punjab, the largest state in the country. Durin...
Islamic Mazaheb University
Dr. Mokhtari Meets Vice-President of Islamic Community of Pakistan: Official Invitation to Leyaghat Baluchi to Attend Unity Conference by Ayatollah Araki - 15-Sep-2019
  Layqat Baluch: I am ready to attend the Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran During his visit to Pakistan, Dr. Mokhtari, Chancellor of the Islamic Denominations University, met with Mr. Layqat...
Islamic Mazaheb University
Dr. Mokhtari's Meeting with the Chairman and Members of the Islamic Ideology Council of Pakistan - 15-Sep-2019
  The Presidency of Islamic Denominations University continued their visits to Pakistan with "Professor Qiblah Sadeq Ayaz", President of the Council of Islamic Ideology of Pakistan and members o...
Islamic Mazaheb University
Investigation of SGC University and Pakistan Comsats University Cooperation with Islamic Denominations University Meeting with Dr Mokhtari and their Deputies - 15-Sep-2019
  At the meeting, the two sides expressed their readiness to launch joint courses, journals and scientific meetings, as well as exchange of faculty and students to be followed up and implemented...
Islamic Mazaheb University
Message from the Honorable Chancellor of Islamic Denominations on the occasion of the start of the academic year 2019-2020 - 22-Sep-2019
The text of this message is as follows: "in the name of God" In the past year, the Islamic Denominations University, with the grace and efforts of all colleagues, has been able to achieve valuable a...
Islamic Mazaheb University
Dr. Pakatchi Presents Second Meeting of "Council for condification and appointment Research Strategies of Islamic Denominations University" - 24-Sep-2019
Research Vice Chancellor of Islamic Denominations University held the second meeting of formulating and defining research strategies on Sunday, September 24, 2010 in the conference hall of this univer...
Islamic Mazaheb University
Dr. Mokhtari at Qom Branch Opening Ceremony of New University Year: High welcoming of students shows families' trust in Islamic Denominations University - 29-Sep-2019
The ceremony of the start of the new academic year of the Islamic Denominations University of Qom Branch was held on Saturday, Septmber 5, with the attendance of field and university personalities and...
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