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  • The Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations in a meeting with the Chancellor of University of Damascus: ignorance is the root of Islamic world's problems
  • The Chancellor of Pakistan idealogic Council in the conference of Islamic Sharia and legislation: wherever Islamic law is performed we can battle with violenc
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED:Cleric calls Iranian university to expand activities in Afghanistan Top Afghan cleric admitted Iranian delegation from University of Islamic Denomination demanding for expansion of academic activities in Afghanistan.
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED:“Education, strategy against Takfir, terrorism”, cleric Senior Iranian cleric met with chancellor of prominent Afghan university stressing three decades of academic confrontation with Takfir and extremism as asset which is ready to be shared with other Muslim states.
  • Dr. Mokhtari in his meeting with Hajj minister of Afghanistan: a part of today's security in Iran is an outcome of scientific attempts in the field of proximity/Dr. Feiz Mohammad Othmani: the ruling atmosphere between Shia and Sunni and denominations in Iran is admirable
Ayatollah Makarem shirazi:

Victory will be obtained in the shadow of solidarity/enemies are following collonialism of Islamic countries

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Ayatollah Makarem shirazi said: today global imperialism by various tricks and invasions in Islamic countries pursues collonialism and exploitation of Islamic governments and nations and the only way to reach Victory is unity and solidarity among Muslim Nations.
Ayatollah Naser Makarem shirazi today 2nd of Tir 1397 in a meeting with scientific elites and Chancellors of Syrian universities who was invited to Iran by University of Islamic denominations, declared: today Islamic community needs unity and solidarity more than before. His majesty added: today unity and solidarity is the most important issue and other necessities of Islamic regime and various verses and hadith does exist in holy Quran in this matter which shows that saviour and Victory way of Islam is in unity and solidarity.
His majesty by showing his contentment of meeting some scientific Elites of the brother country Syria declared: today enemies of Islam because of these negligences about non-unity in some Islamic countries have dominated and are pursuing collonialism. Today successes and victories which is observed in Syria are the result of Unity and solidarity.
Ayatollah Makarem continued: the other topic which is emphasized in Holy Quran is Jihad and loyalty in different aspects; economic, social, political and military Jihad are emphasized in Holy Quran and if accompanied by loyalty so that victory is obtained.
His majesty added: from quranic verses is inferred that there is no doubt that victory will be obtained in the shadow of Unity and solidarity of Muslims and otherwise alien governments will domain over Muslims.

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