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  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED; Hujjat-ul-Islam Mokhtari stresses: Islamic society needs peace based on solidarity among denominations
  • A memorandum of understanding was signed between University of Islamic denominations and Russian Varunzh university in the trip of Dr. Mokhtari and his delegate to Russia
  • In the news conference of Dr mokhtari with Media was raised: explanation of revenue, activities and achievements of University of Islamic denominations in the period of new management
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED: Russian envoy hails Iran’s Islamic university Russian ambassador to Tehran attended cultural meeting in the Iranian capital lauding major Islamic university for its academic endeavors.
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED: Iranian cleric defines: Islamic university in pursuit of interfaith solidarity Senior Iranian cleric attended Iran-Russia cultural conference in Tehran stressing objectives of major Islamic university in the country.
Ayatollah Ali Reza Aarafi Saturday night 2nd of Tir 1397 in a meeting with scientific and cultural elites of Syria who was invited to Iran by University of Islamic denominations declared

based on international statistics our country Iran in the field of scientific development is in first rank. New scientific branch of studies has designed for our country

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This member of Hawzah high Council added: our country is confronted by enemy sanctions what scientific developments and outcomes of Iran is so desirable. History has shown when human is not capitulated by counter-waves and makes more attempts so that enlightening and value of his act is doubled.
He added: 2000 University is active in Iran which four million students are Educating in them.
The head manager of Hawzah clarified: attention to Islamic unity, dialogue with other religions and cultures and attention to Islamic and human Sciences is the policy of Hawzah and Al Mustafa University.
The Chancellor of Al Mustafa University was hopeful that this meeting causes the development of cooperations between Iran and Syria and Syrian nation would be victory over terrorist groups and calm and consistency would be ruled in this country.
Finally Ayatollah Aarafi said: official and obvious movement in international Fields is enumerated as the most important features of Al Mustafa University.

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