Selected News :
  • The meeting of the chancellor and deputies of University of Islamic denominations with the president of House of Representatives(Majles)/Dr Larijani:proximity approach of University of Islamic denominations in an academic atmosphere is a valuable opportunity
  • Ayatollah Araki in a letter to the Principal of Turkish Diyanat organisation: we call freedom lovers to make their attempt towards unity between Islamic Nations/pursuing the establishment idea of University of Islamic denominations in Turkey and holding Gathering between clerics of Islamic denominations
  • The appreciation of Turkish Diyanat organisation of proximity attempts of Dr. Mokhtari,the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations
  • Iranian ambassador to Indonesia in his meeting with despatched delegate of University of Islamic denominations: the best academic relation of Iran with Indonesia has been made by University of Islamic denominations/we are ready to help and support in the way of strengthening scientific and religious activities in Indonesia
  • With the entrance of 30 new students from different nationalities; with the beginning of new educational year the University of Islamic denominations gain an international colour/ovation of non Iranian students for education in University of Islamic denominations

Joint educational courses between University of Islamic denominations and international University of Kyrgyzstan

university | Date : 25-Jun-2018 | visits :89

Dr Yahya Jahangiri general manager of international cooperations office of university of Islamic denominations who is responsible for holding these courses in international University of Kyrgyzstan says: despite majority of kyrgyz population are Muslims and they have many cultural commonalities with Iran unfortunately our inactivity in Kyrgyz Universities has resulted in serious activities of wahhabism here. This year as a result of a memorandum of understanding between international University of Kyrgyzstan and University of Islamic denominations in a trip of the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations Ayatollah Mokhtari to Kyrgyzstan these courses was held. In these courses which was held in English language about 100 M.A and PhD students and instructors participated.
Islamic unity, the policy of Islamic Republic of Iran based on Islamic thoughts, Islamic diplomacy, the role of Shia and Sunni in Iran, the discussion of Islamic philosophy and cultural religious commonalities of Iran and Kyrgyzstan was of topics which was taught.
At the end of the course a certificate was issued for all participants.

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