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Doctor Jahangiri the general manager of international cooperations office of the University of Islamic denominations in the conference of proximity of cultures under the Shadow of Holy Quran in Kyrgyzstan enumerated the University of Islamic denominations as an objective and scientific example of religious and cultural proximity under the Shadow of holy Quran

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The conference of proximity of Culture under the Shadow of holy Quran and it's effect on Iran and central Asia was held on 15th Khordad 1397 in Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyzstan. In this conference some intellectual and researchers from Islamic Republic of Iran Turkey and Kyrgyzstan was present, lecturers in their speeches pointed to the role of Quran in Islamic civilisation and it's effect in the Foundation of lifestyle. emphasis on the opinions of Islamic scholars, cultural and social proximity of Iranian and central Asian people and the dialogue of cultures in Quran was of some topics of the lectures of this conference. This conference was held by the attempts of international University of Kyrgyzstan and cultural counsel of Iran in Bishkek.

In this conference Mr Hassan Aliev the Chancellor of international University of Kyrgyzstan clarified That the greatest poets such as Hallaj, Ibn-Farez, Attar, Ibn-Arabi, Mowlavi and Hafez presented their masterpieces relying on holy Quran. Also Dr Yahya Jahangiri the researcher of Islamic studies and the instructor of University of Islamic denominations in his interview with irib news in the margin of this gathering said that why we should not pay attention to micro cultures and why we should not sit in front of each other to have it dialogue under the Shadow of Iran and recognise each other cultures and introduce them.

Dr Jahangiri in an article with the title of the role of Native cultural proximity in the creation of global peace which presented in this conference clarified that in Quran the almighty cod points to the unity of creation of humans and about the existence of the difference in the appearance of human creation indicates this philosophy until they recognise each other and be aware that the best human is who have got divine piety. The almighty god in unity verse in Holy Quran and also in 64th verse of Al Imran Surah advises the unity issue and proximity of religions. In fact Quran about the unity discussion among Muslims raises the unity among the believers of almighty God. Belief to almighty God not only is the factor of tension and harshness but also the factor of Unity and proximity.

Dr jahangiri in another sentence of this article clarified that the key of success in the proximity of Cultures is the acceptance of equality of counterparts of dialogue in human dignity. preassumption in each intercultural dialogue is recognition and respect to diversified shapes of knowledge and the method of telling them, traditions of dialogue counterparts and making attempt for creating an impartial cultural atmosphere for dialogue till different societies be able to call themselves freely in this impartial atmosphere.

Dr jahangiri in the conclusion of this article indicated that this imagination that cultural assimilation is followed by solidarity of such naive thoughts that you imagine cultural diversity creates conflict and war.

The report of this conference was broadcasted by National Television of Kyrgyzstan and irib television and was reflected by different Media.

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