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  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED: Russian envoy hails Iran’s Islamic university Russian ambassador to Tehran attended cultural meeting in the Iranian capital lauding major Islamic university for its academic endeavors.
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED: Iranian cleric defines: Islamic university in pursuit of interfaith solidarity Senior Iranian cleric attended Iran-Russia cultural conference in Tehran stressing objectives of major Islamic university in the country.
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED: Cleric counts achievements of University of Islamic Denominations
  • The appreciation of Russian ambassador to Iran from initiative of University of Islamic denominations in the development of scientific and cultural cooperations between Iran and Russia/the supreme leader of Iran emphasised on development of scientific interactions between two countries in his meeting with president Putin
  • The appreciation of international deputy of Rudn university of Moscow from the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations in the development of scientific and Academic relations between Iran and Russia

Joint Meeting between International Academic Collaboration of Alzahra University and University of Islamic Denominations

university | Date : 06-Jun-2018 | visits :75

Joint meeting between Alzahra University's International Academic Collaboration (IAC) and University of Islamic denominations with the participation of Dr. Hanachi, IAC Director and Dr. Zahra Rabbani, Research Assistant in Alzahra University Faculty of Theology, and Dr. Yahya Jahangiri, head of International and Scientific Cooperations in the University of Islamic denominations was held on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 at the Office of the International & Scientific Cooperations of the University of Islamic denominations.

Dr. Jahangiri after greeting and welcoming to the guests, briefly introducing the University of Islamic denominations, highlighted the cooperation between two universities. At the meeting, the proposal to organize joint educational courses with the dispatch of professors and students from two universities abroad was discussed. The University of Islamic denominations also called for the introduction of one of the professors of Alzahra University to join the editorial board of the English-language magazine "The Studies of the Islamic Ummah".

Alzahra University's IAC director, after announcing the readiness of the university to cooperate with the Islamic School of the Islamic Republic, introduced the capacities of the Alzahra University, including the university's representative, to conduct the Arabic language test of the "Al-Tanal al-Arabi" language and conduct The Russian language test of the "governmental Institute of Pushkin," which was highly welcomed. Dr. Rabbani also welcomed the suggestions of the University of Islamic denominations, announcing the readiness of the Faculty of Theology for future cooperations.

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