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  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED: Russian envoy hails Iran’s Islamic university Russian ambassador to Tehran attended cultural meeting in the Iranian capital lauding major Islamic university for its academic endeavors.
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED: Iranian cleric defines: Islamic university in pursuit of interfaith solidarity Senior Iranian cleric attended Iran-Russia cultural conference in Tehran stressing objectives of major Islamic university in the country.
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED: Cleric counts achievements of University of Islamic Denominations
  • The appreciation of Russian ambassador to Iran from initiative of University of Islamic denominations in the development of scientific and cultural cooperations between Iran and Russia/the supreme leader of Iran emphasised on development of scientific interactions between two countries in his meeting with president Putin
  • The appreciation of international deputy of Rudn university of Moscow from the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations in the development of scientific and Academic relations between Iran and Russia

In a meeting between Iranian ambassador to Mauritania with the authority of the University was raised: there are suitable Fields for proximitive and scientific activities of University of Islamic denominations in Mauritania

university | Date : 19-May-2018 | visits :113

A meeting between Dr omrani Iranian ambassador to Mauritania with Dr Golroo deputy of development and finance and Dr jahangiri general manager of international cooperation

Presenting scholarship to some mauritanian students for education, holding Maleki jurisprudence course in the University of Islamic denominations and holding short period courses of simultaneous jurisprudence for scientific and religious characters of Mauritania was of axis that Raised from the University authorities.

Dr Omrani also in this meeting implied by thanking of the invitation of the university said about the interests of mauritanian to imam Khomeini and emphasised that because of the presence of Sophists and Saadat, Wahhabism and extremism has not been able to penetrate in this country. He clarified moderative temperament of mauritanian people has prepared a suitable field for proximitive activities.

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