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In a meeting between a Russian delegate and International Institute of Moscow with the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations was emphasized on establishment of a common centre for language teaching.

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By the report of public affairs on the way of common scientific research and educational corporations between University of Islamic denominations with Russian universities yesterday(Sunday 10 ordibehesht) international deputy of Moscow International Institute visited and had a conversation with the Chancellor and deputies of University of Islamic denominations.

In this meeting Dr mokhtari the Chancellor of university of Islamic denominations implying to welcome to Dr oleg Glazachov International deputy of Russian governmental University of Sichinova and doctor Halim Hannah. The Chancellor of Moscow international institute buy appreciating the presence and pursuit of scientific contributions of University of Islamic denominations with Russian universities emphasized an accomplishment of these compromise letters.

He also clarified that establishment of language comment Centre is of such procedures to continue the contributions and said in the field of learning language and teaching Persian language to the students of Russian universities and also teaching Russian language to Iranian students in Russia we can have a good contribution.

Dr Mokhtari also said holding common conferences in Moscow and Tehran uncommon topics is up other axis of contribution and emphasized on the formation of a committee to pursue the performance of compromise letter for contribution.

International deputy of Russian governmental University also showed his happiness from presence in University of Islamic denominations and starting Common contribution by the emphasis of the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations and said this university is of oldest universities in the Russia and from validity point of view is of first level universities in medicine. Now 16000 students or in this university who 2200 are from 80 other countries.

Dr oleg Glazachov indicated we are in contact with 100 country and 100 University of the world and increasing the relation with friendly countries like Iran is of our policies. He evaluated decision of University of Islamic denominations to establish a common language centre very good and said in the field of language learning we can set a good contribution so we welcome this suggestion which can be suitable for both country and both University. Now 2300 Iranian students educate in our University or more educated in the English language while if they learn Russian language it's better.

Finally Somme memorial gift was presented to dr. Mokhtari why is the Chancellor of Sichinova university and Chancellor of Moscow International Institute and also memorial statue at university of Islamic denominations presented to Russian delegate.

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