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  • The Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations in introduction ceremony of new admitted international students: the growth of international activities in two recent years in the way of the requirements of supreme leader from the University
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED: Cleric stresses role of int’l students to spread Leader’s message to western youths
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED;Iran, Russia sign educational cooperation agreement Director of Iran’s University of Islamic Denominations attended 100th anniversary of major Russia’s Varonezh State University on Friday signing educational cooperation agreement with the Russian academy.
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED: Cleric proposes academic solutions for counter-extremism campaigns Top Shia cleric attended met with director of Russian RUDN University in Moscow on Tuesday stressing academic and scientific solutions as way to confront extremist groups.
  • With the presence of some guests from Pakistan France Greece and Iran, the scientific meeting of analysing the message of supreme leader to the youth of Europe and North America was held in University of Islamic denominations

Dr mokhtari in the meeting with the deputy of Hajj minister of Afghanistan; the philosophy of University of Islamic denominations is battling with extremism and we are at the front line of this battle/ Abdul Hakim Monib: University of Islamic denominations is a beautiful example in proximation field.

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By the reports of public affairs, mowlavi Abdul Hakim Monib the deputy of Haj minister of Afghanistan and his delegate implying to visit the Central Library and different parts of university had a meeting with Dr mokhtari.

Dr. Mokhtari the Chancellor of university in this common meeting welcomed the Afghan delegate and pointed to the importance of University of Islamic denominations and pointed to the importance of University of Islamic denominations and said in our system the first person is supreme leader of Islamic Revolution and University of denominations has been established by his order and his majesty is so sensitive that no words be said which causes concision.
Dr Mokhtari pointed to the role of Islamic Scholars in the battle with dangerous extremists and emphasised today the role of a scholars is making aware the society especially young generation and enlightening public Minds. Unfortunately sometimes irresponsibility of some scholars has resulted in development of extremism and pervasiveness of Zionist and America tricks while behind this extremists groups is international Zionism. therefore if Islamic scholars perform their prophetic responsibility and advertised Brotherhood and compassion we would not have this problem we would not have this problem.

In the continue deputy of Hajj minister of Afghanistan declared the presence of Shia and Sunni students and instructors from different denominations beside each other in University of Islamic denominations is a beautiful example in the field proximation and is a Deep Action in the field of Unity and it is so necessary for Islamic world to work in the field of proximation and unity.

Dr Golroo deputy of development of University of Islamic denominations also in this meeting pointed to the tricks of Islam's enemy and added Muslims has proved that even with interdenominational marriages they can live with each other under One Roof and have a conciliatory life beside each other.

Dr jahangiri the general manager of scientific and international corporations of university also introduced the prophecy of this university in the topics related to Islamic ummah. he added in the new course of presidency of this university we have decided to pursue international activities more than before and as a result we had different scientific and educational compromise with different universities in Indonesia Russia Azerbaijan Afghanistan Lebanon India and etc. Dr Jahangiri added we have received some contribution applies from different universities of Afghanistan such as Balkh and Kabul and University of Rahe-saadat.
Finally memorial statue of university presented to the deputy of Hajj minister of Afghanistan by the hands of doctor Mokhtari.

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