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  • In a meeting between Iranian ambassador to Mauritania with the authority of the University was raised: there are suitable Fields for proximitive and scientific activities of University of Islamic denominations in Mauritania
  • Dr Mokhtari in a meeting with Indian scholars: we are seeking the development of relations with scientific centers and universities of India / university of denominations is a pioneer in proximation of denominations and providing security in the country and opposition with incivility
  • In a meeting between a Russian delegate and International Institute of Moscow with the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations was emphasized on establishment of a common centre for language teaching.
  • Dr mokhtari in the meeting with the deputy of Hajj minister of Afghanistan; the philosophy of University of Islamic denominations is battling with extremism and we are at the front line of this battle/ Abdul Hakim Monib: University of Islamic denominations is a beautiful example in proximation field.
  • A glance to the presence of the Chancellor of university of Islamic denominations in international Association of university president in Baku

The deputy of religion organisation and the principal of religious Council of Turkey by his presence in University of Islamic denominations visited the general manager of scientific and international cooperation of the university

university | Date : 28-Apr-2018 | visits :35

By the reporter public affairs, the general manager. Dr Yahya Jahangiri in this meeting pointed to the purpose of the Foundation of this university and said University of Islamic denominations is ready to co-operate with religion organisation of Turkey in educational research and student Fields.
The deputy of religion organisation of Turkey also in this meeting by welcoming to develop the cooperation with University of Islamic denominations said the existence of such universities in Islamic countries is a necessity.

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