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  • The meeting of the chancellor and deputies of University of Islamic denominations with the president of House of Representatives(Majles)/Dr Larijani:proximity approach of University of Islamic denominations in an academic atmosphere is a valuable opportunity
  • Ayatollah Araki in a letter to the Principal of Turkish Diyanat organisation: we call freedom lovers to make their attempt towards unity between Islamic Nations/pursuing the establishment idea of University of Islamic denominations in Turkey and holding Gathering between clerics of Islamic denominations
  • The appreciation of Turkish Diyanat organisation of proximity attempts of Dr. Mokhtari,the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations
  • Iranian ambassador to Indonesia in his meeting with despatched delegate of University of Islamic denominations: the best academic relation of Iran with Indonesia has been made by University of Islamic denominations/we are ready to help and support in the way of strengthening scientific and religious activities in Indonesia
  • With the entrance of 30 new students from different nationalities; with the beginning of new educational year the University of Islamic denominations gain an international colour/ovation of non Iranian students for education in University of Islamic denominations

In the meeting of the Chancellors of University of Islamic denominations and University of job and social sciences of Russia a compromise between two universities was signed and operative steps toward it, was revised.

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By the report of public affairs  proximate delegate of University of Islamic denominations directed by Dr mokhtari in the trip to Russia and in his meeting scientific counselling with academic centres visited University of job and social sciences of Moscow and in a meeting with the Chancellor and deputies of this university implied by signing a common co-operative compromise letter revise the procedures and operating a steps toward the compromise and emphasized on it's performance.
In the beginning Dr mokhtari emphasised that university of Islamic denominations is a strategic scientific and academic centre which is active by the order of supreme leader and is a pioneer in the field of proximating Islamic denominations. University of Islamic denominations is an obvious pattern of conciliatory coexistence. He reiterated this university is a pattern of conciliatory coexistence and this pattern can be developed and we are ready to present this experience to other countries and today we are observing many applications from other countries for foundation and development of branches of this university.
Dr mokhtari said University of Islamic denominations believes we should move toward operative steps for performance of this compromise letter so that in this session we revise the steps towards operation of this compromise.
He declared we can initiate our cooperation by holding study opportunities for the members of scientific departments and students, exchange of instructor and the students and the research and scientific Projects and in this way we can contribute by founded language departments which there is in University of Islamic denominations in the field of teaching Persian and the Russians languages.
The Chancellor of Russian University of job and social sciences also appreciated the active presence of University of Islamic denominations to make operative this compromise and said relation and a strategic contribution between Iran and Russia in different Fields is confirmed and it is necessary to be confirmed in scientific and Academic Fields and the contribution between two universities can be a good pattern. he also evaluated the present Iranian students in Russian University of job and social sciences successful and was hopeful that more Iranian students will educate in this university in the future.

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