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  • Doctor Jahangiri the general manager of international cooperations office of the University of Islamic denominations in the conference of proximity of cultures under the Shadow of Holy Quran in Kyrgyzstan enumerated the University of Islamic denominations as an objective and scientific example of religious and cultural proximity under the Shadow of holy Quran
  • Synchronise by the anniversary of imam Khomeini's passing away a ceremony was held in Pretoria South Africa
  • Joint Meeting between International Academic Collaboration of Alzahra University and University of Islamic Denominations
  • In a meeting between Iranian ambassador to Mauritania with the authority of the University was raised: there are suitable Fields for proximitive and scientific activities of University of Islamic denominations in Mauritania
  • Dr Mokhtari in a meeting with Indian scholars: we are seeking the development of relations with scientific centers and universities of India / university of denominations is a pioneer in proximation of denominations and providing security in the country and opposition with incivility

The necessity of the Scientific Cooperation to explain Islamic realities in South Africa

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Sheikh Shuaib Boley, the head of the South African Islamic Research Center met with Dr. Yahya Jahangiri, Vice-chancellor of Scientific and International Cooperation of the University of Islamic Denominations.

According to the Public Relations Department of the University of Islamic Denominations, Yahya Jahangiri by referring to the creation of the University of Islamic Denominations by the direct order of the Supreme Guide of the Islamic Republic of Iran, considered that one of the main policies of the University is the promoting the peace and brotherhood among all Islamic Madhab through an inter-Islamic methodology. From this perspective "the scientific and academic exchange between University of Islamic Denominations and the South African Universities and scientific centers can be under various programs such as student exchange, scholarships, joint research and conference, summer school and intensive courses the presence of visiting professors from the South Africa," he said.
During this meeting, Imam Jumiah of the Islamic Center of Cape Town also referred to the emergence of the radical movements in South Africa, and the necessity of scientific cooperation to introduce Islamic and Shiite realities in this country.

Sheikh Shuaib Boley acknowledged the inter-Islamic comparative study methodology adopted by the University of Islamic Denominations and expressed his readiness to facilitate the academic and scientific relations about Islamic studies, among two countries.

It has to be mentioned that Sheikh Shuaib Boley is one of the most influential international religious figures who have presented many articles on the alliance of solidarity and the formation of an Islamic United Nations.

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