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  • Dr. Mokhtari spoke at the 4th National Conference on Islam and Transcendent Values: "Exploring and Explaining the Role of Organizational Values on the Mental Health of Employees with Emphasis on the Islamic Approach"
  • Meeting of the Deputy Minister of Culture and Student Affairs of the University of Islamic Denominations with the Deputy Minister of Social and Cultural Affairs of the Minister of Science
  • Promoting the rank of the University of Islamic Denominations in the grouping of the special recruitment test for candidates for the position of judge in 1399
  • In a decree issued by Dr. Mokhtari; He was appointed director of cultural affairs at the University of Islamic ِDenominations
  • Appointment of "Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini" as "Deputy Minister of Strategic Affairs, Government and Parliament of the World Assembly for the Approximation of Islamic Denominations"

Dr. Mokhtari's note | The need to investigate the intellectual origins of racism in the West / recent protests is a sign of the human awakening of Western societies and the promotion of public awareness against racism

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A note from Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari; The Chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations, Professor of Non-Jurisprudence and Principles of the Seminary and  of the International Research Institute of Arwat al-Wathqa is as follows:

The death of George Floyd, a black man, by the US police has sparked nationwide protests, especially against the racist policies of the US government, and has severely hurt the world's public opinion. Undoubtedly, many different analyzes can be made of the racist policies of the US government, but the need to explore the intellectual origins of racism in the West can be even more effective in unraveling the blind knot of modern American racism.

In order to recognize the New West, we must go back to the Renaissance, the Church in the Middle Ages, under the unwavering support of kings and the widespread use of Sharia to gain power and wealth, somehow dominated the whole of Europe, including the Church in the Middle Ages. In the midst of the unforgivable mistakes of the popes, turning to position and wealth, the extreme moral corruption of Christian clergy, and the self-aggrandizement and humiliation of the people are among the most important factors that led to the apostasy and apostasy of Christians.

In the meantime, the introduction of the idea of globalization in Christianity created the Crusades, the most important and effective of which was the 83-year occupation of Jerusalem by the Christians; For the Christianization of the world, the Church, in the first place, sought to Christianize Jerusalem as the birthplace and life of Jesus (pbuh).

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