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  • On the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of "Martyr Mamousta Shaykh al-Islam;" Martyr Herald of Unity "and professor at the University of Islamic Denominations
  • During the meeting of the Cultural Counselor of the Iraqi Embassy with the Vice Chancellor for Research, the need for cooperation of Islamic countries in holding the 34th International Conference on Unity was raised.
  • At the sixth meeting of the University Research Council, it was emphasized: "Common understanding of language will lead us to the rule of" principle of elimination of violations ".
  • Message of condolence from the Supreme Leader of the Revolution following the death of "Ayatollah Tsakhiri"
  • The message of condolence of the Chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations following the demise of "Ayatollah Taskhiri" / the late one of the founders of the University of Islamic Denominations along with Ayatollah Vaezzadeh

International Students of Islamic Denominations Narrate the Eid al-Fitr / All Muslims Celebrate Unity with Eid al-Fitr Prayers

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According to the Taqrib News Agency, the end of Ramadan and the arrival of Eid al-Fitr was an opportunity for a number of guest Muslims to talk and think at the University of Islamic Denominations in Iran. Guest students who came to Tehran from West Africa to the Middle East and not only witnessed the special preparation of the host country for one of the special Muslim holidays, shared their special stories from the respective countries about this issue.

Kabir Soleimani, Mohammad Ahmad, Osman Jibril Bala, first Mohammad and Fatemeh Mohammad Blue from Nigeria, Abdullah Mushul Sharif from Ghana, Asif Reza Balochi, Fatemeh Orouj and Saleha Batoul from Pakistan, Mohammad Motahar Khan from India and Roghayeh Andor from Senegal are among the students. They are in one of the educational centers affiliated to the World Assembly for the Rapprochement of Islamic Denominations, namely the University of Islamic Religions, where followers of all religions come together to practice peaceful coexistence in the scientific environment, classroom, dormitory, etc. They study. On the eve of Eid al-Fitr and in the days when the shadow of the Corona virus crisis is weighing on the world, they have taken the opportunity to talk about the unity of Muslims by describing the atmosphere of their country on Eid al-Fitr

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