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  • Meeting of the Deputy Minister of Culture and Student Affairs of the University of Islamic Denominations with the Deputy Minister of Social and Cultural Affairs of the Minister of Science
  • Promoting the rank of the University of Islamic Denominations in the grouping of the special recruitment test for candidates for the position of judge in 1399
  • In a decree issued by Dr. Mokhtari; He was appointed director of cultural affairs at the University of Islamic ِDenominations
  • Appointment of "Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini" as "Deputy Minister of Strategic Affairs, Government and Parliament of the World Assembly for the Approximation of Islamic Denominations"
  • Appointment of "Mr. Mohsen Meschi" as the Deputy for Iran Affairs of the World Assembly for the Rapprochement of Islamic Denominations

Holding a "comprehensive plan for contemplating the Qur'an" online during Ramadan for students across the country

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The Deputy Minister of Culture and Social Affairs of the Ministry of Science, in cooperation with the Quran and Atrat Student School of the University of Tehran and the General Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs of the University of Tehran, is holding a "Comprehensive Plan for Thinking in the Quran" program during the holy month of Ramadan.

All classes are held online and free, the details of which are as follows

Concluding the Qur'an with the general approach of contemplation in the Qur'an

In this end, the Qur'an introduces each of the chapters of the Qur'an with the following axes:
Explaining the purpose of the surah from the interpretation of Al-Mizan
Explain the main topics of the surah
Introducing the key words of Surah
Introducing the key verses of Surah
Explain the purity of Surah

Concluding the Quran with the focus on the interpretation of the balance and contemplation (especially for sisters)

In this end of the Quran, all the chapters of the Quran with the following axes are introduced:

Explaining the most important points of Al-Mizan interpretation below the verses
Explain the main topics of the surah
Express the keywords of the verses

Concluding the surahs of the Qur'anic section with the approach of understanding the Qur'an in primary school

At the end of each of the surahs of the 30th part of the Holy Quran, it is stated with this approach how these surahs can be presented to the audience of the elementary school (children 6 to 12 years old).

In introducing each of the suras, while stating the main purpose of the surah, how to express that purpose is presented in proportion to each of the six educational bases.

Workshops on specialized subjects of education and cultivation with a Quranic approach

In these workshops, the most important topics in the field of education and cultivation are presented with a Quranic approach.


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