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Message of Condolences from Head of Islamic Denominations University after dieing Engineer Hussein Sheikholeslam

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Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari, Chancellor of the Islamic Denominations University,  in a message dieing "Mr. Hossein Sheikh ol-Islam," a revolutionary diplomat, activist and pioneer of the resistance movement and Vice President of International Affairs at the International Assembly for the Approximation of Islamic Denominations.

The text of this message is as follows:

we are for God and we return to him

The Honorable Mr. Engineer Hussein Sheikh ol-Islam dies, a revolutionary diplomat and in the service of the ideals of the Islamic holy system, an active and pioneering figure of the resistance movement and a supporter of the oppressed Palestinian people, a faithful and humble personality, dear colleague in the field of activities The global approximation of the Islamic Denominations that provided effective and valuable foreign policy services at the time of their responsibilities caused great sadness.

For many years, efforts have been made to achieve the cause of the liberation of Quds Sharif and to defend the Palestinian intifada and support Islamic resistance in the region and approximate activities in international affairs and to help expand the cooperation of Islamic and scientific institutions in the Islamic world.

I extend my condolences to my friends and acquaintances, especially his esteemed colleagues at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Islamic Denominations Proximity Assembly and the Islamic Azad University, and their families, and I extend mercy to the Almighty for the late Saeed, mercy and patience.

Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari

Head of Islamic Denominations University

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