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  • Appointment of "Dr. Assadollah Akhlaghi Savojbolaghi" as "Head of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology" of the University of Islamic Denominations
  • International Students of Islamic Denominations Narrate the Eid al-Fitr / All Muslims Celebrate Unity with Eid al-Fitr Prayers
  • An article by Dr. Mokhtari, Chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations, on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr
  • Dr. Mokhtari: Celebrating Quds Day awakens Muslims and educates nations and the younger generation/The University of Islamic Denominanations has made a significant contribution to informing and enlightening the minds of nations in support of the liberation of Holy Quds
  • Registration for the special exam of the University of Islamic Denominations (especially for Shiite and Sunni students)

Meeting on Review of Islamic Revolution's Achievements in the Judiciary with Dr. Bahadori Jahromi at Islamic Denominations University

university | Date : 15-Feb-2020 | visits :203

According to Public Relations, the meeting was described by Dr. Hamed Rostami Najafabadi, a member of the faculty responsible for mobilizing professors at the University of Islamic Denominations about incremental insight meetings and workshops on explaining the Supreme Leader's discourse as well as university activities in the international arena. Then, with the remarks of Dr. Ali Bahadori Jahromi on the achievements of the Islamic Revolution in the field of justice and at the end of his speech, the role of the frontier was held.At the beginning of the meeting, Rostami Najafabadi said: The Islamic Denominations University is an approximate university with international mission and international students. It is also one of the first universities to have a committee on theorizing, criticism, and debate.Then, Dr. Ali Bahadori Jahromi, head of the Center for Lawyers, Officials and Family Advisers of the Judiciary, said that the main motto of the Islamic Revolution was independence and freedom. What's in the national dimension.

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