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  • Message of condolence from Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini following the death of "Mulla Qader Beizavi", the respected Sunni Jome Imam of Urmia
  • Chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations in a message condemning the terrorist attack on Kabul University: It is time for the Islamic Ummah to express their innocence and disgust with this kind of fratricide
  • Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hosseini in the Introduction Ceremony: We must make every effort to achieve high academic rankings at the University of Islamic Denominations worldwide
  • Dr. Shahriari at the Introduction Ceremony of the New Chancellor of the University: At the University of Islamic Denominations, we must train forces that are resistant to arrogance and claim the oppressed
  • Appointment of "Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hosseini" as the new chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations

The thirteenth issue of the scientific journal "Contemporary Jurisprudence" published by the University of Islamic Denominations

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The latest issue of the scientific, research journal "Contemporary Jurisprudence" published by the Islamic Denominations University.
Thirteenth issue of scientific, research jurisprudence "Contemporary Jurisprudence" with articles from scholars of Shiite and Sunni universities and edited by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari and Editor-in-Chief Dr. Abedin Momeni on Islamic Jurisprudence Issues printed and published.

The contents of this issue are as follows:

The  necessity to the appearance of the text the Prophet with the Expansion of Takfir in Islamic Denominations / 5

Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari, Soheil Ahmadi

The Position of the Sunnah Indicates Arbitration or the Execution of the Judgment in Law / 27

Mohammad Jafari Harandi

Investigating the Quality of Transfer of Right as a Result of Transfer in Islamic Jurisprudence and Iranian

Seyed Mohammad Razavi, Seyed Ali Razavi

Jurisprudential and Legal Analytical Investigation of Relative Liability in Civil Companies from the Perspective of Khamseh Denominations and Iranian Law / 73

Rasul Makhsoosi, Alireza Abin

Mortgage mal moshaa / 93

Abbas Mirashkari, Afrooz Samadi

Jurisprudential and Legal Analysis of the Accuracy of Funds from the Perspective of Islamic Denominations Jurisprudence / 115

Mehdi Jalili, Alireza Fasihizadeh, Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Tabatabai

A Comparative Study of the Impact of Religion on the Marriage in Islamic Jurisprudence / 137

Frost Mohammadi Balban Abad, Amir Hamza Salarzai

Mandate of Obedience in Islamic Denominations / 153

Mohammad Adel Ziaee, Abdul Samad Mortazavi

Reference to the Testimony of Divorce in Shia Jurisprudence and Sunni Denominations / 173

MR Mohammadreza Rezvan Talab, Mohammad Hassan Ghodrati

Long term rent from the perspective of Islamic Jurisprudence / 197

Morteza Rahimi

The role of the side-road in the decline of Sunnis / 225

Salem Ofsari, Abu Bakr Ahmadi
Influence of post-murder madness on the fall of retribution / 249

Hossein Nassarkhaki, Alireza Asgari, Ahmad Moradkhani
A Comparison of the Civil Works of Apostasy in Islamic Jurisprudence and Iranian Law / 271

Jalil Shia Ali, Abbas Sheikh al-Islami
A Theory of What and the Application of Analogy in Iranian Contemporary Jurisprudence and Law / 297

Mahmoud Haq Bejanab, Ahmad Reza Tavakoli, Mohammad Ali Heidari


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