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Dr. Mokhtari at the Unity Conference Academic Conference: Palestinian Resistance Along with the Revival of Religious Thought / Imam Khomeini's Greatest Revival of Religious Thought

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The head of the Islamic ِDenominations University stated that the revival of religious thought and the Palestinian resistance are in line with the revival of religious thought.

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari (Friday, November 15) spoke at a meeting of the Union of Islamic World Academic Scholars at the Commission for Strategic Studies and Futures Studies of the World Without Zionism, one of the most important indicators The goal of the supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution in the field of modern Islamic civilization is to rationalize and reconstruct religious thought.

He added: The revival of religious thought is not prevalent in the concepts of religious thought because in that case many scholars have promoted concepts and topics in the field of Islamology but the purpose of reviving religious thought is to explain religion in a way that answers questions and doubts. It is timely and on the one hand that religion should feel proud and proud.

The head of the Islamic Denominations University named Imam Khomeini as a revivalist religious thinker and the greatest thinker in this field and said: He considered Islam's personality and revelatory teachings of Islam as the foundations of the greatest political and social movement of the contemporary era. The Imam's religious understanding and understanding of this personality represents the wisest, most comprehensive and rational understanding and interpretation of religious educations.

He noted: revival of religious thought in a way that unites the Ummah and prevents man from standing; there are challenges and difficulties in this regard, the greatest being rational and superstitious readings of religious texts that cause incomplete understanding.

Dr. Mokhtari said that the revival of the religious movement for justice and the Palestinian resistance is in line with the revival of religious thought.

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