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Final Statement of the "Commission of Academic Scholars" Thirty-third International Conference on Islamic Unity

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The Final Statement of the Committee on Academic Scholars (Futurology) of the Thirty-third International Conference on Islamic Unity was issued by the Islamic Denominations University on Friday, November 15, and was read at the end of the meeting.

The statement reads as follows:

In the name of God

The Committee of Academic Thinkers of the Islamic World held its meeting hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran on November 15, 2019 as an intellectual arm and the interplay of ideas and with the participation of more than 100 prominent scientific and academic figures from around the world. At the meeting, the Board of Directors and invitees gave scientific lectures on the main theme of the conference (Al-Aqsa Mosque, a symbol of Islamic unity) and presented their views and points of view on these topics:

  • The future of the world without the Zionist regime

    - Studying the Arbaeen march as a strategic march back

    - Using the achievements of science and technology to strengthen the resistance front in the Muslim world

    - The need to use the Resistance Front's achievements to teach in universities and in research centers.

      The members of the Commission, after hearing the diverse views of the participants, condemning the increasing activities of the World Arbitration Front in the affairs of Islamic countries, demanded:
  • 1- The appeal of Islamic societies to Hubbollah Matin means Islamic unity

    2. According to the members, the scientific discussions and discussions of the scholars and elites of the Islamic world can be one of the most effective means of dealing with these excesses as well as facing extremism and exaggeration on the one hand and submission to the other Be different.

    3. The members of the Commission, in view of the recent victories of the Front of Resistance in the Islamic world, and on the basis of their scientific-field observations in terms of futuristic attitudes, recalled the immense capacities of the Islamic Ummah for its evolutionary improvement in the process of achieving a new Islamic civilization.

    4- Expects the statesmen of the Islamic countries to consider their human capital as a trophy and to prevent intellectual and cultural divisions in this country, given the potential of the young generation of believers in these countries and their careful planning.

    5. In the end, the members of the Commission, with thanks to the Iranian nation and government and the Assembly of Approximation of Islamic Denominations and the wisdom of Ayatollah  seyed Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Revolution, made the annual meeting of the Islamic Unity Conference an important and fruitful factor in the realization of Divine thought. The Islamic leaders (Imam Khomeini Quds Suresh al-Sharif) recognized and welcomed the content and form of the lectures and discussions.
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