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Scientific Conference "The Role of Academics in Creating Unity and Convergence among Muslims" was held at the Islamic College of Al-Mustafa in Indonesia

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The scientific meeting "The Role of Academics in Creating Unity and Convergence among Muslims" was held at the Islamic Community College of Mustafa in Indonesia with the attendance of professors and students of the Center and a lecture by the Chancellor of the Islamic Denominations University and the Board.

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari, head of Islamic Denominations University at the beginning of the meeting, stated that the Prophet of Islam established the ummah based on the revelation of Islamic teachings. In Madineh, they established the Brotherhood and Equality Pact between the companions and the people, between themselves and the Companions, and believed in the Brotherhood Pact in fact seeking to establish and form an Islamic Ummah.

He added: The great Prophet of Islam endured many hardships and tribulations in this regard and made many efforts and efforts to prevent dispersal and divisions among Muslims and a united society and an Islamic government with the Islamic Ummah. To make Muslims under the banner of Tawheed achieve happiness and perfection.

The head of the Islamic Denominations University, referring to numerous verses in the Holy Qur'an about Islamic unity and unity between monotheistic religions, stated: These verses encourage everyone to have one logic and one slogan together, that of monotheism and worship. May it not be a reproach to colonialism and exploitation, and let us all worship the Almighty God.
Dr. Mokhtari pointed out: Today we live in a society where there are many obstacles to the unity of Islamic societies and the role of global arrogance should not be overlooked as enemies seek to create division, sedition, divisions and divisions among the Islamic Ummah. 

He added: As the Supreme Leader said today, extremist groups in the name of Islam and created in the hands of global arrogance and the British are trying to tarnish the image of dear Islam and must be confronted by scholars, academics and students. They are responsible for raising the awareness of society and showing Islam the right way to society and eliminating ignorance and fanaticism in a way that will save society from the darkness of intellectual, ignorance, fanaticism and selfishness.

Dr. Mokhtari said: "If we take this path, the new Islamic civilization, which emphasizes the supreme leadership, will be realized in society. That is to say, we must all strive for the full development of Islamic society, and modern Islamic civilization, as it relies on religious ethics, is therefore dynamic, vibrant, insightful, and rational, leading society towards prosperity and salvation.

Following the meeting, Dr. Jamileh Alam ul-Hoda, a member of the faculty of Shahid Beheshti University, also addressed the role of educational aspects in the realization of Islamic unity and stated: These are the academics and seminaries that should serve as the basis for the education of society To be responsible and to guarantee human morality and dignity.


He added: "On the other hand, Western civilization is not harmful to society and there is no news of human morality and dignity in Western civilization and it is ignorant of women's dignity and value and it is Islamic civilization that brings ethics and Islamic education and training. The solid foundations of Islamic civilization lead society to perfection and establish a utopia.

Dr. Jamileh Alam ul-Hoda pointed out: Islam has a rich, unified knowledge that brings together the wisdom and rationality of an ethically united society, and academics and scholars play a major role in explaining it.

At the end of the meeting, Hojjat al-Islam Dr. Mottaqi, the head of the Islamic Community College in Mustafa, in front of the guests, welcomed the guests and the members of the delegation of Islamic Denominations University, and gave a brief overview of this academic collection.

Speaking at the meeting, Dr. Raihana, Raeis Alsadatati, said: "If we want to talk about the social identity of Muslims, we need to first determine where man is in the creation of God Almighty.

He added: According to the verses 29, surah Baqarah is a matter of science that has given man superiority over his pre-created creatures, and according to the theory of the martyred Sayyid Muhammad Baqir Sadr, man has been created from the beginning of responsible creation. This theory guides us to the point that science is also responsible for man.

But the question is, what responsibility do we have right now towards religion, the Prophet and the Muslim community and the world around us, and if necessary, fight against the concepts and paradigms that threaten Islam, Dr. Raihaneh said. What is our future for the Muslim world on the basis of science as a distinctive human being, and anthropology based on responsibility as the major difference between religions and postmodern free man?

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