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Opening of Jafari and Shafi'i Jurisprudence Studies Department at Radon Fatah University of Indonesia with the initiative of Islamic Denominations University / Islamic Denominations University Pioneer and Model in Comparative Studies

university | Date : 23-Oct-2019 | visits :580

The inauguration ceremony of Jafari and Shafi'i jurisprudence studies was held with the initiative of the Dean of Islamic Denominations Affairs and the Board of Trustees at Radon Fatah University in Indonesia with the initiative of the Islamic Denominations University.

According to Public Relations, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari, Chancellor of the Islamic Denominations University, along with a delegation, will visit Indonesia on Tuesday, October 14, during which they will visit various scientific and academic centers and visits, meetings and scientific conferences in the country.

Opening of the Jafari and Shafi'i Studies Department with the initiative of the University of Islamic Denominations and with the lecture of Dr. Mokhtari as well as the President of Radon Fath University in Indonesia are among the plans of the trip.

It is worth mentioning that the scientific and research cooperation of Islamic Denominations University has expanded with Indonesian universities and scientific centers in the last two years and the scientific exchanges, joint conferences and sending of delegates from the professors and faculty of the two universities have been expanded so that the cooperation room last year. Iran-Indonesia scientific joint was launched at Islamic Denominations University.

In line with and continuing these extensive scientific, research and educational collaborations with the University of Islamic Denominations with the Universities of Indonesia, Jafari and Shafi'i Jurisprudence Studies Department was launched by the Islamic Denominations University at Radon Fath University.

Dr. Mokhtari, Chancellor of Islamic Denominations University, emphasized the necessity of research on #Comparative Studies and #Comparations between Islamic Denominations and said: The Islamic Denominations University is a pioneer in excellence in comparative studies and comparisons and can build on its successful experience in this field To the Islamic countries.

He noted: With the launch of Jafari and Imamieh Jurisprudence Studies Department at Radan Fath Islamic University, Islamic Denominations University is also pioneering in conducting contemporary studies and research in Indonesia.

Prof. Mohammad Shirazi, President of Radan Fath Islamic University, also expressed his gratitude to Dr. Mokhtari for launching scientific relations between the two countries, in connection with the launch of Jafari and Shafi'i jurisprudence at the University of Islamic denominations.

He added: Last year, professors and faculty of Islamic Denominations University traveled to Indonesia, holding numerous meetings and implementing the Memorandum of Understanding two years ago, which was one of the founding agreements of Jafari jurisprudence chaired by a scholar today.

Speaking about his visit to Iran and visiting the Islamic Denominations University, Radan Fath University President Radan Fath said: "During my visits to Imam Khamenei's large library in Sanandaj, I had many books and resources from Shafi'i and many other sources in Qom. Ja'fari jurisprudence is available and we need help in this matter and we thank the Islamic Denominations University for providing it.

He expressed the hope that through the interactive research and interactive formats that will take place between the two universities, we can take advantage of this capacity.

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