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Dr. Mokhtari in a Quranic News Special Discussion on the Quran Network: Arbaeen, Symbol of the Unified Ummah and Modern Islamic Civilization / How Unity of Religions and Denominations Shape Arba'in

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Public Relations; Dr Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari said in a special Quranic News interview on Friday, October 4, that Arbaeen was a symbol of the formation of the Islamic Ummah and the formation of the Utopia, saying: It helps achieve a cultural and religious discourse and paves the way for more familiarity and finding solutions to the problems that global arrogance has created for all free people.
He said: Hussein's school is Tanviri school and Imam Hussein (AS) is known by the historical Ashura movement for informing the communities, its movement is generalized and its audience and school are human in nature and this school, by any belief, gender And race has the tendency and attraction to which any libertarian, interested in combating oppression, is drawn.

The head of the Islamic Denominations University described the school of Imam Hussein as noble and said: The school of awareness of Hussein (AS) creates oppression, oppression and dynamism in society and Imam Hussein (AS) The famous and forbidding of the evil doctrines express religious teachings, and by pouring their blood drops into practice, they consolidated it and promoted a healthy and dignified life.

Dr. Mokhtari added: Imam Hussein (AS) woke people up from ignorance and brought them out of ignorance and created the awareness and attraction that today in the world every group and everybody wants to raise the banner of freedom is the model of Hussein.

He cited Arbaeen as the axis of unity of religions and said: According to hadiths, Imam Hussein (as) is guided by Mesbah so it is not dedicated to Muslims and encompasses all human societies and if a society wants to follow the path of Salvation and Imam Hussein ( To decode whose secret is the guidance path that can lead man to his intended home.

The head of the Islamic Denominations University stated: The study of Imam Hussein (AS) is based on beliefs, freedom seeking, peace and justice as examples.

Professor Dr Mokhtari said: "On the way to Arbaeen some Christians belong to the march, and we see that Imam Hussein belongs to all human beings and all those who oppress. .

He described Arbaeen as a rational symbol of unity between religions and religions, adding: "Today, caravans have been prepared from various countries in Europe, America and East Asia to take part in this great march.

In addition to Christians, some Buddhist schoolgoers participate in the Arbaeen march, and it is the impact of Arbaeen that even non-monotheistic religions are present, the head of the Islamic Religious University continued.

Dr. Mokhtari described Arbaeen as an intercultural symbol and said: "Arbaeen Hosseini and this great conference and march will affect not only Islamic culture but also different cultures.

He also added: "Whoever is concerned about peace of any religion or denomination has a sacred meaning for him and the news reflects this huge congress with more than 20 million participants, cultural, educational and educational works that can be a prelude to world peace and The presence of the Imam Mahdi (pbuh) and the ground for the fulfillment of the Promised Myth and the emergence.

The head of the Islamic Denominations University, emphasizing that no one like Imam Hussein (AS) has any Arbaeen, said: Arbaeen is a symbol of love and this huge historical march has all sorts of effects for all societies, especially Islamic societies and discusses brotherhood, brotherhood and equality. Empathetic relationships between humans are the most important.

Dr Mokhtari also added: charity, altruism and compassion in the path of Arbaeen are from Imam Hussein's school and by holding such a magnificent march and by deepening sympathetic relations and lasting peace to the blessings of Imam Hussein's School, we can take valuable steps. .

He said: The new Islamic civilization is a comprehensive development based on characteristics such as peace, insight and insight, which is evident in Arbaeen today.

Despite all the inequality, injustice and cruelty and arrogance, Arbaeen has provided an opportunity to learn from Imam Hussein's school how to create this lasting peace.

High level professor at the university said: "Word unity is the key to the Muslim victory over global arrogance that the Holy Quran has spoken more than four verses in the word unity. According to the strict Qur'an, word unity is a call to all human beings and codes." The survival of the religion and thus of the true embodiment of all aspects of monotheism is the word.

He goes on to say: By the way, global arrogance uses every plan to create divisions among Muslims, and in particular through Wahhabism, it seeks to diminish Arbaeen, unaware that by creating a cracker, it cannot prevent the passion of Hossein (AS) in the world and Make a huge wave of Arbaeen's way.
Head of Islamic Denominations University: This university is ready to accept students of other religions despite majoring in religion

Dr. Mokhtari continued the Quranic News today, referring to the establishment of the University of Islamic Denominations 25years ago, adding that the university has accepted students from different Denominations in four provinces including Sistan and Baluchistan, Kurdistan, Bushehr, Kermanshah and Golestan Branch.

He added: The overall policy and methodology of this university is the correct understanding of books and traditions, based on scientific and research topics as well as free-thinking seats.
The head of the Islamic Denominations University emphasized: The red line of the university is to preserve the sanctities of Islamic Denominations and all denominations and this university seeks to be a practical symbol of unity and empathy between Islamic Denominations.

Dr. Mokhtari said: This year, a convoy of about 80 international students with a nationality of 16, more enriched than last year, is headed by Arbaeen Hosseini's march, with the presence of these passionate youths, the Islamic Denominations University. There will be a huge march.

He added: "A group of Vatican high-ranking Christians and priests are expected to come to the University of Islamic Denominations and this interaction with other Islamic religions and scholars as well as Muslim professors from other universitie

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