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Message from the Honorable Chancellor of Islamic Denominations on the occasion of the start of the academic year 2019-2020

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Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari,Chancellor of Islamic Denominations University, in a message on the occasion of Holy Defense Week with the Spring of Knowledge, Education and Epic, united Hussein and celebrated the beginning of the new academic year to all academics, faculty, staff and students, dear students. New Year congratulated.

The text of this message is as follows:

"in the name of God"

In the past year, the Islamic Denominations University, with the grace and efforts of all colleagues, has been able to achieve valuable achievements in various fields of education, research, culture, administration and support and internationally.

Fortunately, last year, with the support of the Honorary Board of Trustees and all stakeholders, we succeeded in setting up new university branches in Kermanshah, Golestan and Bushehr provinces. At the beginning of the new academic year, three undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students completed their studies. They will start in these branches. Another important achievement is the successful completion of the three-level student-specific recruitment test and the maximum student recruitment at the three levels, which has witnessed the unprecedented welcome of the younger generation to continue their studies at the University of Islamic Denominations.

Expanding communications and developing partnerships with academic and scientific centers within the country and the Muslim world, signing numerous academic agreements with several countries from the Islamic world and other countries, attracting international students from multiple nationalities, especially in the new year, another evidence of university successes. And it is part of its goals and missions.

Certainly the result of these activities is the introduction of the University of Islamic Denominations at home and abroad as an objective, practical and scientific symbol of the peaceful approximation and coexistence of Denominations followers and without doubt fulfilling the mission, mission and goals of this university in accordance with the Supreme Leader's guidance. It would not be possible and would not be possible without the assistance and cooperation of all the departments of the university.

We hope that through further efforts and attempt, this university will be among the most influential universities in the Islamic world and be the source of scientific and approximate scholarly blessings and plays a key role in creating unity and cohesion and convergence among Muslims.

Dear students, Congratulations on your arrival to this sacred bastion, and I hope that during the academic year of 2019-2020, using the scientific and research capacities of the University, with the proper planning of all capacities, to enhance the scientific potential and reach the peaks of progress. And the promotion and role-playing in the second step of the Islamic Revolution to make the ultimate use of the Supreme Leader's demand.

In the end, wishing health and long life, with the dignity of the Supreme Leader, I salute eminent Imam, the martyrs of the imposed war and the martyrs of the Shrine, and again, God willing, to all dear ones in the new school year, success, I wish you well and good luck.

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari, Head of Islamic Denominations University

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