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The presence of a delegation of Lebanese university professors at the university of Islamic Denominations

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 A delegation of university presidents and professors from Lebanon attended a meeting with university officials while attending
At the meeting, Dr. Fayyazi, Deputy Director of Management and Resources Development, and Dr. Jahangiri, Director of the Office of International Scientific Cooperation at the University of Islamic Denominations and a number of Lebanese university professors and lecturers.Islamic Religious University.

Dr. Jahangiri, Director General of the International Scientific Cooperation Office of the University, while welcoming the guests to the Lebanese delegation, introduced the University of Islamic Denominations and said: There are many articles available at the University of Islamic Denominations that you can use.

He added: Lebanon and Iran have great religious diversity and the Sunnis are very dear to Iran. The leader of the Islamic Revolution did not differentiate between Shiite and Sunni scholars and said that they should be paid equal tuition.

"We believe that the whole world is made up of a single Denomination and religion," Jahangiri said, We are ready to work with the Lebanese universities. Every Shiite is Sunni and every Sunni is Shiite.

Dr. Nabizadeh, in charge of the Lebanese delegation, also welcomed the martyrs of the resistance and congratulated them on the victory of the resistance against the Zionists.

He introduced Lebanese universities and added: "The delegation is from high-level universities in Lebanon and in this way they will communicate with the Islamic Republic and we hope to have a scientific exchange after this meeting."

Dr. Yahya Farhan, Chairman of the Lebanese delegation, also thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for supporting the free nations of the world.
Dr. Fayyazi, Vice-President of Islamic Religious University, in a speech delivered by his colleagues and presidents of UniversityAyatollah, Dr. Mokhtari, congratulated the recent victory of the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance, saying: “We have seen this victory inspired many times by the Islamic Revolution. .

He added: The Islamic Revolution is unifying and symbolizes the unity of the University of Islamic Religions. All Denominations and religions are rooted in one thing and must work to promote the level of human knowledge.

"The best way to save humanity is enlightenment," said Dr. Fayyazi, "and our university and you have taken that approach. If we did, we could have helped bring peace to the world."

He stressed: Lebanon is our best friend and we hope to always strive to produce enlightenment and science.

Following the meeting, the audience raised questions from Dr. Jahangiri and Dr. Fayazi.

 At the end of the ceremony, Lebanese President Dr. Fayyazi and Dr. Jahangiri were honored with a plaque and symbol of resistance. Dr. Jahangiri and Dr. Fayyazi also reciprocated with the President and several professors at the University of Islamic Denominations.

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