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  • Islamic Denominations University condemns killing of defenseless Hindus by Hindus in India / Dr Mukhtari: Indian Muslims kill, US President's recent souvenir trip to India
  • Message of Condolences from Head of Islamic Denominations University after dieing Engineer Hussein Sheikholeslam
  • Message of Condolences from the Head of the Islamic Denominations University on the Death of "Hojjatoleslam Khosrowshahi"
  • Special Session on Corona Virus Prevention at Islamic Denominations University
  • Meeting on Review of Islamic Revolution's Achievements in the Judiciary with Dr. Bahadori Jahromi at Islamic Denominations University

The journal call "Islamic Ummah studies" published in English

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The University of Islamic Denominations is an international university in the realm of Humanities and Islamic studies. There are students from different nationalities studying in this university. The main subjects which the UID has held different courses and seminars are the Interfaith and Intersects Dialogues. This approach is not limited only to courses and seminars but also in practice the UID is involved in admitting students from different sects and religious backgrounds which distinguishes it from other universities in this realm. Recently the University is intended to establish an International Journal in the main subjects of which the UID is involved in order to receive the viewpoints of scholars from all over the world. The Journal will be in English and under the title of " Islamic Ummah Studies".

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