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  • Dr. Mokhtari addresses a conference on "Methodology for Understanding Text and Modern Hermeneutics" in Indonesia: A Review of the Essential Elements of Philosophical Hermeneutics
  • Report on Knowledge Workshop on "The Method of Qualitative Content Analysis of Religious Texts" by Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology
  • Appointment of new heads of educational departments of Islamic Denominations University for 2 years with the presidency of the university
  • Chancellor and deputies visit the educational Sisters Unit building, meet students and professors
  • Issue 50 of "Approximate Studies of Islamic Denominations" published

TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED:Lebanese professor hails unifying endeavors by Iranian university Lebanese professor lauded Iran’s University of Islamic Denominations (UID) over endeavors for boosting coexistence among different denominations in the world.

Broadcasted | Date : 30-Apr-2019 | visits :230

Professor Ali Aladdin, president of Al Maaref University in Beirut, admitted Hujjat-ul-Islam Mohammad Hussain Mokhtari, president of Iran’s University of Islamic Denominations as the Lebanese professor hailed the contributions of Iranian academy for boosting coexistence in the Arab country, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Iranian cleric in this meeting counted the proximity activities of the university which has welcomed students from all Islamic denominations.

He said,” As Shia and Sunni students live together at this campus has made a practical example for coexistence of Islamic denominations.”

Hujjat-ul-Islam Mokhtari stressed that religious solutions are capable of settling the current issues in the world and that proximity and academic strategies will pave the way for these solutions.

Professor Ali Aladdin also hailed the unifying strategies of the University of Islamic Denominations and said,” University of Islamic Denominations is a practical instance for peaceful coexistence between Islamic denominations in Iran.”

He lauded the religious diversity and coexistence in Lebanon and called the branch of Iranian university as an aid for the community.

Presidents of Iranian and Lebanese universities in this meeting discussed ways to boost academic cooperation between the two universities.

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