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  • Dr. Mokhtari addresses a conference on "Methodology for Understanding Text and Modern Hermeneutics" in Indonesia: A Review of the Essential Elements of Philosophical Hermeneutics
  • Report on Knowledge Workshop on "The Method of Qualitative Content Analysis of Religious Texts" by Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology
  • Appointment of new heads of educational departments of Islamic Denominations University for 2 years with the presidency of the university
  • Chancellor and deputies visit the educational Sisters Unit building, meet students and professors
  • Issue 50 of "Approximate Studies of Islamic Denominations" published

IRNA BROADCASTED:Iran, Lebanon to hold joint language courses Tehran, April 28, IRNA – Chancellors of University of Islamic Denominations and Lebanon Al Maaref University agreed on holding joint Persian-Arabic language courses.

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Both sides signed MoU on holding meetings, preparing joint scientific journals, students and professors exchange and doing joint scientific and research cooperation.

Addressing the meeting, Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari, Chancellor of University of Islamic Denominations said the university has prepared the opportunity for Shia and Sunni students to live peacefully together.

He added that today's problems have religious solutions.

He called for taking advantage of proximity and taking advantage of academic methods for finding solutions.

Meanwhile, Chancellor of Al Maaref University Ali Alaeddine said the University of Islamic Denominations is the scientific and practical example of peaceful co-existence of the followers of religions in Iran.

During the meeting both sides reached an agreement on establishing the University of Islamic Denominations branch in Beirut.

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