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  • The journal call "Islamic Ummah studies" published in English
  • Dr. Mokhtari at the International Conference on "Celebrating Diversity in the Muslim World" in New Delhi, referring to the "coexistence" of today's need for unity and empathy, said the University of Islamic Denominations in Iran is one of the objective examples, Scientific and practical coexistence of diversity in beliefs and religions.
  • The head of the University of Islamic Denominations has pointed to obstacles and factors of coexistence, and the recognition of religions and dinominations of each other, respect for each other, is one of the main indicators of originality.
  • Memorandum of Cooperation Between the Rectors of Javan Laal Nahro University and University of Islamic Denominations
  • Signing a Memorandum of Cooperation between the University of Islamic Denominations and the University of Noida Delhi

The Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations in a meeting with the Chancellor of University of Damascus: ignorance is the root of Islamic world's problems

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with the report of public relations, a joint meeting with the presence of Dr. Mokhtari the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations and Syrian delegate in the way of familiarity with each other activities and signing a memorandum of understanding was held on 10th of Bahman in the office of the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations.
In the beginning of this meeting Dr Mokhtari said: this university was established in the way of the emphasis of supreme leader on proximity and unity between Islamic denominations and declared: this university has got the mission of scientific prophecy in relation with proximity Project and has published various books and many articles is published in the magazines of this university with the publication of this article has got suitable influence in enlightening the top of society.
In the Continuum Dr. Mokhtari in response to the question of a member of Syrian delegate said: the root of all problems is ignorance. Now we can front with the same as this ignorant person that you are in the battle with them and when we speak with them we observed that because of ignorance and lack of knowledge they entered in this extremist groups.
Dr. Mokhtari emphasised: in the future in the Sunni regions and Shia regions educated persons of these universities handle the society.
Former prime minister of Iraq Alebadi before the end of his tenure sent a delegate to our University and they said: we need a model of this university in Baghdad because we want to know what to do after the destruction of Isil.
In the continue Dr Mohammed Maher the Chancellor of Damascus University said: we should be logic and moderate. The almighty God when sent the prophets not invited to prayer at first but raised the issue of ethics and invitation to morality.
At the end Dr. Mokhtari presented a memorial to the Chancellor of Damascus University and also they signed a memorandum of understanding


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