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  • Report on Knowledge Workshop on "The Method of Qualitative Content Analysis of Religious Texts" by Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology
  • Appointment of new heads of educational departments of Islamic Denominations University for 2 years with the presidency of the university
  • Chancellor and deputies visit the educational Sisters Unit building, meet students and professors
  • Issue 50 of "Approximate Studies of Islamic Denominations" published

TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED: Cleric calls scholars to turn terrorism into fraternal ties Top Iranian cleric met with religious leaders and dignitaries in the Afghan Province of Balkh hailing Islam as religion of blessing and kindness rather than violence.

Broadcasted | Date : 24-Dec-2018 | visits :186

Hujjat-ul-Islam Mohammad Hussein Mokhtari, president of the University of Islamic Denominations, met with a group of religious figures and luminaries in Mazar-r-Sharif, Balkh Province, stressing that the rhetoric of violence and terrorism should change to knowledge and fraternity, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Iranian cleric in this meeting which was attended by scholars from seminaries across Balkh Province and Iranian cultural attaché referred to the key issues in the world of Islam created as a result of division and inaccurate reading of Islamic teachings.

He said,” Enemies are in pursuit of misrepresenting the religion which leads people to blessings as a religion of violence and terror” expressing regret that some extremist and Takfiri (excommunication) movements have turned to playthings of enemies intensifying the issues in the Islamic nation.

Hujjat-ul-Islam Mokhtari stressed enlightenment of the public mind, particularly the younger generation, as the present mission for religious leaders calling them for academic and practical pursuit of the objective as the strategy against extremist movements.

President of Iran’s University of Islamic Denominations (UID) highlighted the promotion of Islam despite hostile plots which mean to misrepresent a frightful image of Islam relating that to the pacifist and blissful nature of the holy religion.

“ You should turn the conflicts and division among you to more knowledge and terrorism to fraternity” said the Iranian scholar addressing Afghan figures from different Islamic denominations and stressed,” The religion, culture and country of Afghanistan does not approve violence and terrorism which is a souvenir of enemies to the country and all Islamic territories.”

He called all Muslims to follow the example of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in embracing Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

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