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The Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations in introduction ceremony of new admitted international students: the growth of international activities in two recent years in the way of the requirements of supreme leader from the University

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The introduction session of new admitted international students of University of Islamic denominations from different nationalities was held with the presence of Dr. Mokhtari the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations.
Dr. Mokhtari in this session implied by welcoming to new admitted international students appreciated the attempts of Dr. Jahangiri the deputy of International Affairs.
Dr. Mokhtari declared: the relations should be extended to all over the globe and especially Muslim and the regional countries.
He also added: in this university we don't pay attention to admit such non-Iranian Muslim students who belongs to a special denomination and according to the Prophecy and mission of the University which is active in proximity field we do welcome the presence of all denominations of Islam.
Dr. Mokhtari declared: perhaps there is no day of a week which the authorities of the university not in relation of the representatives of the country beyond the borders which this approach is extracted from ayatollah Araki the Chancellor of the trustee board of the university and Secretary General of global community of proximity between Islamic denominations because his eminence is an international figure and always support the university in this field.
The Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations also reported the nearly trip to Afghanistan to survey the fields of joint corporations with high rank authorities of this country.
Dr. Mokhtari also added: we have some plans to develop the physical atmosphere and dormitory of the university and in this way we have suggested some plans and we do our best to provide a good educational environment in the level of this high rank University with the support of the authorities.
Dr. Mokhtari also said: we have such plans to exchange the students with Russia and Indonesia.
At the beginning of this session Dr. Jahangiri presented a report of done activities in the way of internationalisation of the university and enumerated the important criteria in the field of admission of international students.
In the continue Dr. Borghei the manager of language centre of University of Islamic denominations presented a report of the activities of the centre in the field of teaching Persian language to non-Iranian students and reported the publication of Persian language books.
It is remarkable that new students of different Asian, European and African nationalities has entered the University of Islamic denominations in new educational year.

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