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  • Ayatollah Araki in the conference of pathology of thesis: the necessity of indication of admission principles of thesis in cultural Revolution Council/ University of Islamic denominations is a very important issue
  • The Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations in a meeting with the Chancellor of University of Damascus: ignorance is the root of Islamic world's problems
  • The Chancellor of Pakistan idealogic Council in the conference of Islamic Sharia and legislation: wherever Islamic law is performed we can battle with violenc
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED:Cleric calls Iranian university to expand activities in Afghanistan Top Afghan cleric admitted Iranian delegation from University of Islamic Denomination demanding for expansion of academic activities in Afghanistan.
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED:“Education, strategy against Takfir, terrorism”, cleric Senior Iranian cleric met with chancellor of prominent Afghan university stressing three decades of academic confrontation with Takfir and extremism as asset which is ready to be shared with other Muslim states.

The appreciation of Russian ambassador to Iran from initiative of University of Islamic denominations in the development of scientific and cultural cooperations between Iran and Russia/the supreme leader of Iran emphasised on development of scientific interactions between two countries in his meeting with president Putin

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The conference of " scientific and cultural cooperations between Iran and Russia; capacities and perspectives" with the presence of prominent figures of two country was held with the host of University of Islamic denominations on Sunday 22 Mehr.
With the proportal public relations, in this ceremony Dr. Haddad Adel the Chancellor of Persian language and literature Centre, Dr. Luwon Jagarian Russian ambassador to Iran, Dr. Mokhtari the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations, and Madam Dr. Larisa Yefermova international deputy of Rudn university of Moscow were present.
Dr Jagarian said: it's a great honour that I am present in this university and learning foreign languages especially Persian language is under the attention in Russia. as we use the employees in Russian Embassy who know Persian language shows our attention.
Russian ambassador reiterated: in the meeting between supreme leader with President Putin which was an important meeting, the supreme leader emphasized on the development of joint cooperations in political, economic, military and educational Fields.
In the continue, Madam Dr. Yefermova the international deputy of Rudn University of Moscow pointed to the corporations between Iran and Russia which was started from 1960 and this cooperation between the universities of Iran and Russia was shaped and then resulted in signing a memorandum of understanding between Iran and Russia.

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