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  • The Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations in introduction ceremony of new admitted international students: the growth of international activities in two recent years in the way of the requirements of supreme leader from the University
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED: Cleric stresses role of int’l students to spread Leader’s message to western youths
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED;Iran, Russia sign educational cooperation agreement Director of Iran’s University of Islamic Denominations attended 100th anniversary of major Russia’s Varonezh State University on Friday signing educational cooperation agreement with the Russian academy.
  • TAGHRIBNEWS BROADCASTED: Cleric proposes academic solutions for counter-extremism campaigns Top Shia cleric attended met with director of Russian RUDN University in Moscow on Tuesday stressing academic and scientific solutions as way to confront extremist groups.
  • With the presence of some guests from Pakistan France Greece and Iran, the scientific meeting of analysing the message of supreme leader to the youth of Europe and North America was held in University of Islamic denominations

The appreciation of international deputy of Rudn university of Moscow from the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations in the development of scientific and Academic relations between Iran and Russia

university | Date : 20-Oct-2018 | visits :29

An operative memorandum of understanding between University of Islamic denominations and Rudn University of Moscow was signed by Dr. Mokhtari and Madam Dr. Yefermova.
With the report of public relations; international deputy of Rudn University of Moscow after signing the memorandum of understanding and presence in the conference of scientific and cultural cooperations between Iran and Russia appreciated the deserving host of University of Islamic denominations and was thankful for the efforts of Dr. Mokhtari for making these relations and developing of scientific and Academic relations.
Madam Yefermova enumerated the establishment of a centre for academic operations and language learning a valuable and positive step and added: soon this centre will be inaugurated in Moscow and causes the both sides to become familiar with the differences of two culture and this is valuable.
Dr. Mokhtari also said: certainly after inauguration of this Centre more fortified relations will be a started and become operative and I promise the presence of University of Islamic denominations in Russia will prevent Takfirism and extremism and our presence will be effective in the knowledge of young generation.
Dr. Mokhtari reiterated:with the cooperation of two universities the conference of " religion and confronting with violence" in international level between Iran and Russia would be held which has got good global effects.

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