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Syrian delegate in their visits of University of Islamic denominations:proximity must have satellite channel to introduce itself/Dr. Jahangiri:the role of University of Islamic denominations in removing takfirism is so effective

university | Date : 06-Oct-2018 | visits :68

A delegate composed of scientific and artistic figures, University instructor,Media staff and managers from Syria visited and Conversed with the authorities of University of Islamic denominations.
With the report of public relations, the meeting of Syrian delegates with the authorities of University of Islamic denominations was held with the presence of Dr. Golroo the deputy of finance and development, Dr. Jahangiri the deputy of International Affairs and Dr. Bagheri general manager of presidency circle.
In this meeting Dr. Jahangiri implied by welcoming to Syrian delegate pointed to the relations between two Muslim Nations Iran and Syria and said: the events of Syria and Iran have made closer the nations of 2 countries more than before and Iranian people sympathise with the Pains of Syrian nation.
Dr. Jahangiri the deputy of International Affairs also with introducing University of Islamic denominations and pointing to it's purposes, prophecies and missions, added: University of Islamic denominations has been established by the order of iran's supreme leader and it is a superior University from scientific aspect, comparative studies and presentation of a model of conciliatory coexistence between different followers of the nominations.
Dr. Jahangiri pointed to imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei's Vue about the importance of proximity between denominations and Necessity of being away from divisiveness and extremism and indicated: the role of University of Islamic denominations in removing Takfirism is so effective and the method of study in this university can be a scientific and operative pattern in the field of battle with extremism.
In the continue of this meeting some representatives of Syrian delegate also employed by praising the activities of University of Islamic denominations required to accelerate in the establishment of a branch of this university in Syria and said: we will use all of our capacities to establish this university in Syria and supporting such proximity Paces.
They also enumerated the role of social networks and media in developing moderate and rational model of University of Islamic denominations so important and added: University of Islamic denominations must have a satellite channel till would be able to present its proximity model. In our opinion proximity must have a satellite channel to introduce itself.
Syrian delegate also appreciated the efforts of Islamic Republic of Iran in the battle with takfiri movements and development of pure Islam and helping and supporting Syrian people and said: Isis was born by ignorance and fanaticism and we can fight with such extremist and takfiri movements with the presence and activity of scientific-proximity centres like university of Islamic denominations.

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