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  • Appointment of "Dr. Assadollah Akhlaghi Savojbolaghi" as "Head of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology" of the University of Islamic Denominations
  • International Students of Islamic Denominations Narrate the Eid al-Fitr / All Muslims Celebrate Unity with Eid al-Fitr Prayers
  • An article by Dr. Mokhtari, Chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations, on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr
  • Dr. Mokhtari: Celebrating Quds Day awakens Muslims and educates nations and the younger generation/The University of Islamic Denominanations has made a significant contribution to informing and enlightening the minds of nations in support of the liberation of Holy Quds
  • Registration for the special exam of the University of Islamic Denominations (especially for Shiite and Sunni students)
Islamic Mazaheb University
Taghribnews Broadcasted: ‘Religious dialogue, without desecration or extremism’, Ayat. Hakim Ayatollah Hakim stressed that interfaith dialogue should be held away from any desecration and extremism. Publish date : Monday 20 August 2018 15:24 - 04-Sep-2018
Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Saeed Hakim, top Iraqi jurisprudent, admitted Iran’s Hujjat-ul-Islam Mohammad Hussein Mokhtari, director of the University of Religions and Denominations in a trip to t...
Islamic Mazaheb University
HIS EMINENCE TO UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT OF ISLAMIC SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT: The path of knowledge and guidance is the best act of worship, and that the greatness and status of the great Prophet (PBUH&HP) embodied by putting action before words - 10-Sep-2018
His Eminence (may Allah prolong his life) welcomed Dr. Mohsen Abboud Al-Abbadi, President of the University of Islamic Schools of Thought in Tehran, Dr. Mohammad Hussein Mokhtari, and the President of...
Islamic Mazaheb University
With the entrance of 30 new students from different nationalities; with the beginning of new educational year the University of Islamic denominations gain an international colour/ovation of non Iranian students for education in University of Islamic denominations - 10-Sep-2018
Admission of foreign students from different nationalities is of priorities of University of Islamic denominations30 known as students of different Asian african and European nationalities will enter...
Islamic Mazaheb University
The appreciation of Turkish Diyanat organisation of proximity attempts of Dr. Mokhtari,the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations - 11-Sep-2018
The principal of Turkish Diyanat organisation appreciated the proximity attempts of ayatollah Dr. Mokhtari the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations.With the report of public relations, Dr...
Islamic Mazaheb University
The meeting of the chancellor and deputies of University of Islamic denominations with the president of House of Representatives(Majles)/Dr Larijani:proximity approach of University of Islamic denominations in an academic atmosphere is a valuable opportunity - 17-Sep-2018
With the report of public relations, the meeting of the Chancellor of university of Islamic denominations Dr. Mokhtari and the deputies of university with the president of Majles Dr. Larijani was held...
Islamic Mazaheb University
AVADIPLOMATIC BROADCASTED: Islamic Republic of Iran has any specific attention to this topic and Indonesia also as an Islamic country comprehended the importance of new Islamic civilization - 23-Sep-2018
Indonesian ambassador to Iran called the speeches of passed away imam and supreme leader of Revolution about new Islamic civilisation of high importance and emphasized certainly ayatollah Khamenei as...
Islamic Mazaheb University
PEACESPRIT BROADCASTED: “Iran’s Islamic Denominations Univ. Example Of Religious Proximity” - 23-Sep-2018
Hujjat-ul-Islam Yahya Jahangiri, manager of the International Affairs at the University of Islamic Denominations representing Iran in Bishkek’s international conference on proximity of cultures...
Islamic Mazaheb University
HAWZAHNEWS BROADCASTED: Iranian ambassador to Indonesia in his meeting with dispatched delegate of University of Islamic denominations: The best academic relation of Iran with Indonesia has been made by University of Islamic denominations - 23-Sep-2018
Dispatched delegate of authorities and instructors of University of Islamic denominations to Indonesia visited and conversed with Mr. Valiollah Mohammadi the Iranian ambassador to Indonesia.Hawzah New...
Islamic Mazaheb University
Officially the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations become a member in IAUP(international Association of university presidents) - 24-Sep-2018
An achievement for University of Islamic denominations in international field; official membership of Dr mokhtari the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations in IAUPInternational Association...
Islamic Mazaheb University
HAWZAHNEWS BROADCASTED; Ayatollah Araki in a letter to the principal of Turkish Diyanat organization:we call freedom lovers to make their attempt towards unity between Islamic Nations - 30-Sep-2018
Hawzah News Agency (Istanbul, Turkey) – Dr Mokhtari the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations in his trip to Turkey by presence in the office of Turkish Diyanat organization visited...
Islamic Mazaheb University
Indonesian ambassador to Iran appreciated the authorities of the university and declared: University of Islamic denominations is a pioneer in academic collaborations between Iran and Indonesia - 30-Sep-2018
Indonesian ambassador to Iran appreciated the efforts of the authorities of University of Islamic denominations especially Dr. Ebrahimian and Dr. Jahangiri for developing the academic relations betwee...
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