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  • Appointment of "Dr. Assadollah Akhlaghi Savojbolaghi" as "Head of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology" of the University of Islamic Denominations
  • International Students of Islamic Denominations Narrate the Eid al-Fitr / All Muslims Celebrate Unity with Eid al-Fitr Prayers
  • An article by Dr. Mokhtari, Chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations, on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr
  • Dr. Mokhtari: Celebrating Quds Day awakens Muslims and educates nations and the younger generation/The University of Islamic Denominanations has made a significant contribution to informing and enlightening the minds of nations in support of the liberation of Holy Quds
  • Registration for the special exam of the University of Islamic Denominations (especially for Shiite and Sunni students)
Islamic Mazaheb University
Joint Meeting between International Academic Collaboration of Alzahra University and University of Islamic Denominations - 06-Jun-2018
Joint meeting between Alzahra University's International Academic Collaboration (IAC) and University of Islamic denominations with the participation of Dr. Hanachi, IAC Director and Dr. Zahra Rabbani,...
Islamic Mazaheb University
Synchronise by the anniversary of imam Khomeini's passing away a ceremony was held in Pretoria South Africa - 07-Jun-2018
  In this ceremony which was held with the topic " Islamic unity from imam Khomeini viewpoint" ayatollah Dr mokhtari the Chancellor of the University of Islamic denominations and head manager of...
Islamic Mazaheb University
Joint educational courses between University of Islamic denominations and international University of Kyrgyzstan - 25-Jun-2018
Dr Yahya Jahangiri general manager of international cooperations office of university of Islamic denominations who is responsible for holding these courses in international University of Kyrgyzstan sa...
Islamic Mazaheb University
based on international statistics our country Iran in the field of scientific development is in first rank. New scientific branch of studies has designed for our country - 25-Jun-2018
This member of Hawzah high Council added: our country is confronted by enemy sanctions what scientific developments and outcomes of Iran is so desirable. History has shown when human is not capitulate...
Islamic Mazaheb University
Victory will be obtained in the shadow of solidarity/enemies are following collonialism of Islamic countries - 25-Jun-2018
 Ayatollah Makarem shirazi said: today global imperialism by various tricks and invasions in Islamic countries pursues collonialism and exploitation of Islamic governments and nations and the onl...
Islamic Mazaheb University
Hawzahnews Broadcasted:Joint courses held between Uni. of Islamic denominations, Uni. of Kyrgyzstan - 09-Jun-2018
Joint educational courses by Iran’s university of Islamic denominations held at international university of Kyrgyzstan. Hawzah News Agency (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) - Dr. Yahya Jahangiri general man...
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