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  • Appointment of "Dr. Assadollah Akhlaghi Savojbolaghi" as "Head of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology" of the University of Islamic Denominations
  • International Students of Islamic Denominations Narrate the Eid al-Fitr / All Muslims Celebrate Unity with Eid al-Fitr Prayers
  • An article by Dr. Mokhtari, Chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations, on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr
  • Dr. Mokhtari: Celebrating Quds Day awakens Muslims and educates nations and the younger generation/The University of Islamic Denominanations has made a significant contribution to informing and enlightening the minds of nations in support of the liberation of Holy Quds
  • Registration for the special exam of the University of Islamic Denominations (especially for Shiite and Sunni students)
Islamic Mazaheb University
international seminar of the indicators of new Islamic civilization was held with the presence of religious and scientific characters of iran and Indonesia. - 22-Apr-2018
 Scientific seminar “The indicators of new Islamic civilization” with the presence of some instructors and scholars from iran and Indonesia and by the speech of Dr. Mokhtari the Dean...
Islamic Mazaheb University
Islamic Republic of Iran has any specific attention to this topic and Indonesia also as an Islamic country comprehended the importance of new Islamic civilisation - 15-Apr-2018
 Indonesian ambassador to Iran called the speeches of passed away imam and supreme leader of Revolution about new Islamic civilisation of high importance and emphasized certainly ayatollah Khamen...
Islamic Mazaheb University
the most important indicators of new Islamic civilisation/Islamic civilization provide human happiness in individual and social Fields. - 24-Apr-2018
The Dean of University of Islamic denominations why counting 5 main indicator for new Islamic civilisation said rationalism is one of the most important elements of new Islamic civilisation and extrem...
Islamic Mazaheb University
In the meeting of the Chancellors of University of Islamic denominations and University of job and social sciences of Russia a compromise between two universities was signed and operative steps toward it, was revised. - 28-Apr-2018
By the report of public affairs  proximate delegate of University of Islamic denominations directed by Dr mokhtari in the trip to Russia and in his meeting scientific counselling with academic ce...
Islamic Mazaheb University
The deputy of religion organisation and the principal of religious Council of Turkey by his presence in University of Islamic denominations visited the general manager of scientific and international cooperation of the university - 28-Apr-2018
.By the reporter public affairs, the general manager. Dr Yahya Jahangiri in this meeting pointed to the purpose of the Foundation of this university and said University of Islamic denominations is rea...
Islamic Mazaheb University
By the report of Iscanews, Salar Amoli The deputy of Higher education Minister in the ceremony of appreciation of teacher eminence emphasized on honorale presence in international relations - 28-Apr-2018
today 5th ordibehesht in University of Islamic denominations elaborated the main policies of International Affairs of science ministry and emphasized on honourable presence in international Fields.Sal...
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