Synchronise by the anniversary of imam Khomeini's passing away a ceremony was held in Pretoria South Africa

  In this ceremony which was held with the topic " Islamic unity from imam Khomeini viewpoint" ayatollah Dr mokhtari the Chancellor of the University of Islamic denominations and head manager of...

Joint Meeting between International Academic Collaboration of Alzahra University and University of Islamic Denominations

Joint meeting between Alzahra University's International Academic Collaboration (IAC) and University of Islamic denominations with the participation of Dr. Hanachi, IAC Director and Dr. Zahra Rabbani,...

In a meeting between Iranian ambassador to Mauritania with the authority of the University was raised: there are suitable Fields for proximitive and scientific activities of University of Islamic denominations in Mauritania

A meeting between Dr omrani Iranian ambassador to Mauritania with Dr Golroo deputy of development and finance and Dr jahangiri general manager of international cooperation Presenting scholarship to s...

Dr Mokhtari in a meeting with Indian scholars: we are seeking the development of relations with scientific centers and universities of India / university of denominations is a pioneer in proximation of denominations and providing security in the country and opposition with incivility

A delegate of Scholars and Indian Sunni intellectuals who was invited by global community of proximation between Islamic denominations visited and conversated with Dr Mokhtari the president of the Uni...

In a meeting between a Russian delegate and International Institute of Moscow with the Chancellor of University of Islamic denominations was emphasized on establishment of a common centre for language teaching.

By the report of public affairs on the way of common scientific research and educational corporations between University of Islamic denominations with Russian universities yesterday(Sunday 10 ordibehe...

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