Secretary General of Islamic Iran Academics at Student Day Ceremony: Students Must Be Sensitive to Country Issues / Islamic Denominations University Students as Heroes of Unity

Former Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini also said at the ceremony: "Student day is a sign of university and student life, because when there was oppression, tyrann...

Dr. Mokhtari at Student Day Ceremony: Student Day is an uprising based on deep intelligence and knowledge / Students must seek to generate new thinking

according to public relations, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari on Sunday, December 8, in a special student day program entitled "Another conquest must be" held at the University of Islamic Denominations...

Meeting of University Role in Visual Development and Parliamentary Elections at Islamic Denominations University

Meeting of University Role in Extraordinary Insight and Parliamentary Elections Coincided with #Day_Student Lecture by Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, Former Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and...

The first meeting of the Coordination Council of the National Symposium on Pathology and Theses

First Comprehensive Meeting of Vice Chancellor, Academic Departments, Brotherhood and Sister directors, Student Trade Union Representative, Representative of Academic Associations, Secretary of the As...

Invitation to the Second National Conference on the Pathology of Theses in the Field of Islamic Humanities (with Emphasis on Effective Criticism)Conference Time March 5th

The University of Islamic Denominations, with the support of more than 35university and scientific and research center holds the second national conference on the pathology of theses and dissertations...

Finalizing the Axis of the Second National Conference on Theses in the field of Islamic Humanities

The axes of the second National Congress of Theses in the field of Islamic Humanities (with emphasis on critique of efficiency) at the Vice chancellor of Research and Technology of the University were...

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