international seminar of the indicators of new Islamic civilization was held with the presence of religious and scientific characters of iran and Indonesia.

 Scientific seminar “The indicators of new Islamic civilization” with the presence of some instructors and scholars from iran and Indonesia and by the speech of Dr. Mokhtari the Dean...

Islamic Republic of Iran has any specific attention to this topic and Indonesia also as an Islamic country comprehended the importance of new Islamic civilisation

 Indonesian ambassador to Iran called the speeches of passed away imam and supreme leader of Revolution about new Islamic civilisation of high importance and emphasized certainly ayatollah Khamen...

The necessity of the Scientific Cooperation to explain Islamic realities in South Africa

Sheikh Shuaib Boley, the head of the South African Islamic Research Center met with Dr. Yahya Jahangiri, Vice-chancellor of Scientific and International Cooperation of the University of Islamic Denomi...

The chair of the Fiqh al-Ibāḍiyyah will be held at the University of Islamic Denominations

The visit of Professor Farahat al-Jaabiri, head of Tunisia al-Ibāḍiyyah community from the University of Islamic Denominations and meeting with University deputies. According to the Public Relations...

The importance of Inter-Islamic Comparative Studies for the Muslim World Today

University of Islamic Denominations has been a step forward in Inter-Islamic Comparative Studies and is ready to share and transfer their experiences in this regard. Dr. Yahya Jahangiri, General Dire...

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