Dr. Mokhtari addresses a conference on "Methodology for Understanding Text and Modern Hermeneutics" in Indonesia: A Review of the Essential Elements of Philosophical Hermeneutics

The conference "Modern Understanding Methodology and Modern Hermeneutics" was held at the University of Sunan Kalijaka, Indonesia, with the participation of prominent professors from various countries...

Report on Knowledge Workshop on "The Method of Qualitative Content Analysis of Religious Texts" by Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology

The seminar on "Content Analysis of Qualitative Texts of Religious Texts", specifically for faculty members and visiting professors, was held at the University of Islamic ِDenominations on Sunday, Oct...

Appointment of new heads of educational departments of Islamic Denominations University for 2 years with the presidency of the university

The Chancellor of the Islamic Denominations University, in separate orders, appointed "new heads of educational departments of the Islamic Denominations University" for two years.Dr. Mohammad Hossein...

Chancellor and deputies visit the educational Sisters Unit building, meet students and professors

The Chancellor of the Islamic Denominationss University along with the deputies, as the new academic year began, visited the sisters' unit of the university and had a close discussion with students ab...

Issue 50 of "Approximate Studies of Islamic Denominations" published

Issue 50: The Progressive Studies of Islamic Denominations Magazine - Forouqe Vahdat - Islamic Denominations University printed and published articles and contents by Shiita and Sunni scholars. Accor...

Dr. Mokhtari in a Quranic News Special Discussion on the Quran Network: Arbaeen, Symbol of the Unified Ummah and Modern Islamic Civilization / How Unity of Religions and Denominations Shape Arba'in

Public Relations; Dr Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari said in a special Quranic News interview on Friday, October 4, that Arbaeen was a symbol of the formation of the Islamic Ummah and the formation of the U...

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